Why you need to keep “walkaround” checks interesting

The walkaround check is very much at the frontline of risk management for fleets, whether it is a simple tyres, levels and lights check for a company car driver or the more formal and controlled checks that commercial vehicle drivers have to complete under VOSA regulations. What these checks have in common is that they are prone to complacency over time, that drivers start to tick the boxes without really looking properly at the areas […]

The limitations of spreadsheets for fleets

Not much notice is taken of the fact that probably by far the most popular tool used for managing fleets is not designed for that purpose at all. It’s Excel, the Microsoft spreadsheet. This isn’t just the case in small fleets. We quite regularly come across organisations who have adopted a combination of spreadsheets and paper systems to run fleets of more than a 1,000 vehicles. However, compared to specialist software, this approach cannot help […]