The Wise Group is a leading social enterprise working to lift people out of poverty. Their team gives mentoring support, employment, skills, and energy advice. The Wise Group started using FleetCheck in January 2020, and it has simplified its operations.

Before using FleetCheck


  • Managing the amount of fleet data was causing their Fleet Manager serious concerns in case something was overlooked.
  • They tried to keep in control of the 170 drivers, all operating pool cars or their own vehicles for work by using spreadsheets and similar documentation.
  • This included chasing grey fleet employees for confirmation that their insurance covers them for business use, driver licences checks for points or disqualifications, recording tax and MOT dates.

How FleetCheck Helped


  • The company now has easy and quick access to all vehicle information, including key dates, insurance details, and licence information.
  • Transport control throughout the company is now far easier to manage.

Fleet Information

24 Pool Cars, of which two are electric, and a further two electric vans with a grey fleet that fluctuates around 170 vehicles.

“Once all data had been inputted, all I have to do now is click on a button, so to speak, I immediately have all the information ready for expiry dates for insurance and driving licences. It is easy to include new drivers or remove drivers. I can tap in a name which gives me vehicle registration and everything I need to control transport; it is as easy as that.

To summarise, for us, FleetCheck works. It speeds up the whole control mechanism in day to day operations, I have had to phone the help desk only twice and received fast responses on both occasions. FleetCheck makes transport control easier.”

Nicholas Sabo, Health and Safety Specialist