DVSA Earned Recognition

We are a validated IT supplier for Earned Recognition. Enjoy all your vehicle Earned Recognition data from digital or non-digital format in one place, for a single, consolidated overview of your KPIs.

No more Earned Recognition concerns

By integrating all your vehicle data into FleetCheck you can be sure you have all the information you need to report on DVSA Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)


Are you ready for Earned Recognition?

Download the DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme checklist

Our Earned Recognition dashboard

FleetCheck’s Earned Recognition dashboard has been specifically designed to give a clear overview of adherence across the required DVSA KPI’s. All FleetCheck clients can benefit from the Earned Recognition section within the software and there is no additional fee.

The easy drill-down feature quickly shows details of trigger points, allowing companies to quickly and easily rectify issues. The dashboard can be used by any operator, and trigger points are only sent to the DVSA if the operator has achieved Earned Recognition. FleetCheck can also be set up to notify the operator prior to the information being sent to DVSA, allowing you to self-audit before committing to the scheme.

The Earned Recognition software of choice

Included as standard

We recognise that compliance is vital for our clients, which is why you can activate the Earned Recognition Dashboard at no extra cost.

Everything in one place

Enjoy complete peace of mind that all your vehicle records are securely stored in a single platform, instantly accessible 24/7.

Automated processes

Automatically send KPIs directly to the DVSA, pre-configured in the approved format for Earned Recognition.

Transparent performance

View real-time status of your DVSA KPIs including your safety inspection adherence, defect rectification and MOT initial pass rate.

Simplify inspections

Drivers can easily complete their daily vehicle checks via FleetCheck Driver, our inclusive app, removing the need for unreliable paper processes.

Alerts and reminders

Our unique ’traffic light’ reminders will ensure that all relevant personnel are up to date with events such as MOTs, licence checks and safety inspection reminders.

Live demo

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