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FleetCheck Driver: the fully integrated, customisable vehicle walkaround check app.

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Say goodbye to chasing paper check sheets.

FleetCheck Driver is a robust way to plan, carry out, communicate and record all forms of essential vehicle and driver safety.

Designed to not only fully streamline the vehicle inspection process and remove the need for manual paper trails, FleetCheck Driver also gives drivers the facility to submit fit to drive declarations, input fuel purchases, report incidents and more.

All information submitted instantly alerts the fleet department and can be audited within FleetCheck giving your company complete control of all your fleet tasks.

Regular audited vehicle inspections are a fundamental element of fleet management. Thanks to FleetCheck Driver, you can be confident that your inspection process is robust and complies with the DVSA safety and maintenance guide, all with minimal intervention and zero paperwork.

Automated and time saving:


  •  Integrates with your FleetCheck account
  •  Design your own custom check sheets
  •  Instantly upload photographic evidence of damage and defects
  •  On/Off shift reporting*
  •  Collision reporting with photo evidence*
  •  Mileage collection for SMR schedules*
  •  Record fuel purchases*
  •  QR code identification of vehicles
  •  Record journey mileages for expenses claims

Compliance information at your fingertips:


  •  Scheduling of regular inspections by vehicle/driver
  •  Instant visibility of missed inspections
  •  Report on time taken for each safety check
  •  Driver competency checks*
  •  Fit to drive declarations
  •  Robust audit trail of inspections

Easy access to useful information:


  •  Store support information, including insurance details and out of hours emergency contacts
  • Fuel card information*
  • Share documents such as company policies*
  • Multi language user interface


What features are included with FleetCheck plans?

Automated and time saving
Features Driver Essential Professional Expert
Integrated with your FleetCheck account 
Customisable daily checks 
Instant evidence of damage and defects  
Mileage collection for SMR schedules 
On/Off shift reporting 
Detailed collision reporting 
Push notifications 
QR code identification of vehicles 
Record journey mileages for expenses claims 
Fuel purchasing 

Stay compliant
Features Driver Essential Professional Expert
Schedule inspection reminders 
Instant visibility of missed inspections  
Report on time taken for each safety check 
Robust audit trail of inspections 
Fit to Drive declarations 
Driver competency checks 
Asset inspections 

Easy access to useful information
Features Driver Essential Professional Expert
Multi language user interface 
Driver support information 
Tyre details  
Documentation sharing 
Fuel card information 

What needs checking?

Find out what you need to check inside and outside of the
vehicle when you do an HGV walkaround check.

What needs checking?

Find out what you need to check inside and outside of the vehicle when you do an HGV walkaround check.

Intelligent. Simple. Connected.

FleetCheck Driver gives you the ability to easily design your own tailored checksheets, so you can gather the relevant information you require for any type of vehicle or specialist equipment. When a check is completed it instantly uploads to your FleetCheck account, including any photographic evidence of damage or defects.


Save time and gain visibility.

Looking for a DVSA compliant robust audit trail? Enjoy complete peace of mind with clear visibility of missed inspections and automated report scheduling by vehicle/driver including time of check and date of submission.


Everything your drivers need, in the palm of their hand.

All the information your drivers need is available at their fingertips. Communicate relevant support numbers and information saving your drivers time and reducing unnecessary phone calls back to the office. If the worst happens, and your drivers have a collision on the road, they can quickly report all information including photographic evidence. You can also deploy custom fit to drive declarations across the app with instant alerts if a driver is unfit to work.

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