New Vehicle Replacement Planner technology is being introduced by FleetCheck to help Covid-affected fleets calculate when cars and vans should be replaced. Peter Golding, managing director at the fleet management software specialist, said that the issue had become much more difficult for businesses because of the pandemic. “Since March of last year, most fleets have found themselves for extended periods either operating in the frontline of the crisis and racking up mileage at a higher
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Lengthening vehicle replacement cycles prompted by the pandemic and new vehicle shortages is causing major component failures to rise sharply for some van operators, FleetCheck is reporting. The company says that these trends mean more light commercial vehicles owned by fleets are entering the fifth and even sixth years of their operational life, and that expensive mechanical breakdowns are becoming more commonplace as a result. Peter Golding, managing director at the fleet software specialist, said:
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Standard set-up fees for new customers are being scrapped by FleetCheck in a move that the company says will set a precedent in the fleet software sector. Peter Golding, managing director, says that the charges are a legacy from a time when implementing IT solutions was much more difficult than today, and that there is a limited justification for now continuing to make them part of a normal pricing structure. He explained: “The whole concept
Customers are already beginning to express residual values (RV) fears over buying new diesel and petrol cars and vans thanks to the prospect of rapid electrification, FleetCheck is reporting. Through its sister Fleetfind operation, the fleet software company helps its client base source vehicles, and says that buyers are concerned about the prospects for internal combustion engine (ICE) models in the run-up to production ending in 2030. Andy Kirby, customer success director at FleetCheck, said: