Fleets need to work on issues arising from an emerging “home working, home charging” model being created by the rise of electric vehicles and the effects of the coronavirus crisis, says FleetCheck. The fleet software specialist says that a potentially important new subset of company car driver is emerging who now works largely from home and is set to choose an EV as their vehicle because of low benefit-in-kind taxation and other considerations. Peter Golding,
The coronavirus crisis is creating an “advance or consolidate” moment for fleets when it comes to their planning for the future, says FleetCheck. The fleet software specialist says that two schools of thought appear to be emerging – to push forward with plans for strategies such as electrification and adoption of mobility solutions, or to dig in and make the most of existing resources. Peter Golding, managing director, explained: “With the coronavirus crisis now in
The Esso Card fuel card from WEX Europe Services has become the first product to be offered under fleet management software company FleetCheck’s affinity programme. The new initiative is designed to offer FleetCheck’s more than 1,000 customers the opportunity to access a range of essential products and services at preferential rates. Under the Esso Card offering, FleetCheck customers will not have to pay an annual subscription fee for each fuel card and will also be
A new series of problem-solving factsheets for companies taking part in the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme has been launched by FleetCheck. Available online at challenges.fors-fms.org.uk, they are based on new research undertaken by the fleet software specialist that revealed six areas in which FORS fleets often encounter problems and are titled Driver Engagement, Managing Compliance, Automated Fuel Reporting, Common Challenges, FORS Tools and Five Common Mistakes. Peter Golding, managing director at FleetCheck, said: “The factsheets