We’ve seen some fantastic spreadsheets used to manage a fleet, but as your fleet grows, you will outgrow the functionality of spreadsheets.

The problems with using spreadsheets don’t just stop at functionality, and they’re not great for compliance, data security, and some other areas of fleet management.

Some of the challenges we commonly see fleet managers using spreadsheets struggle with are:

  • It can be hard to find essential data quickly
  • There is a need for multiple spreadsheets to cover training, licence checking, etc
  • It’s very easy to overwrite files or corrupt data
  • There is a human error element that can easily be missed
  • There is a vulnerability when opening up sharing access

If you’re currently using Excel spreadsheets, how confident are you that you have a robust audit trail?

Excel doesn’t provide users with a robust audit trail, so you’re likely using some form of third-party software further complicating things.

FleetCheck enables you to move away from spreadsheets and paper trails while maintaining compliance.

Our software has an intuitive interface, provides you with a robust dashboard notifying you of key dates and KPIs, sends you alerts so you don’t miss anything, integrates with many other useful apps, and more.

If you’d like to find out more about FleetCheck and how you can move from spreadsheets to our software while saving time and money, please feel free to get in touch with a member of our team by using this form or calling our office on 01666 577928.