What Is an at-Risk Driver?

Part of the role of a fleet manager and something a good fleet management system will be able to do is to identify at-risk drivers or high-risk drivers. According to the HSE, more than a quarter of all road traffic accidents across the UK involves someone who is driving for work. There are some rigorous health and safety laws to help companies identify and manage drivers most at risk of being involved in an accident. […]

Why companies need to ensure drivers are carrying out walkaround checks

Increasingly at FleetCheck, we’re seeing evidence that drivers are treating essential walkaround checks on their company vehicles as a “tick box” exercise. As you’ll know, these inspections should be carried out on a daily basis, ideally, and so it is perhaps inevitable that some degree of fatigue sets in. Drivers may just go through the motions rather than carry out a genuine inspection and do so for very human reasons – perhaps they are late […]