No more lost sleep over company compliance

Helping you manage policies, O Licences and industry accreditations

Legally Templated Policies

Having legally templated policies and procedures is a cornerstone of running a safe, compliant fleet.  FleetCheck, working in conjunction with a leading law firm, has produced a library of templates specifically designed to help companies develop robust fleet management policies.

Driving vehicles is one of the most hazardous activities that your staff will undertake in their working day. Having sound policies in place to minimise the risks involved is a fundamental part of fleet management. It’s imperative that the systems and processes selected by your company to underpin fleet health and safety compliance to:

  •   Provide documented instructions about minimum standards of driving and vehicle usage to all involved parties
  •   Build a clear audit trail of all driving and vehicle management activity
  •   Give you peace of mind that your drivers are safe, protected and educated

Operator Licence Management

Our Operator Licence page can be used to enter current operating licences and their corresponding centres. As vehicles are added to the software they can be assigned to each centre. The system will then alert the user if vehicles have not been assigned or if the centre authorisation limit has been exceeded.

Earned Recognition dashboard

FleetCheck’s Earned Recognition dashboard gives a clear overview of adherence across the required DVSA KPI’s. Our easy drill down feature quickly shows details of any trigger points allowing for companies to easily rectify issues.

The dashboard can be used by any operator / user and trigger points are only sent to the DVSA if the operator has achieved Earned Recognition. FleetCheck can also notify the Operator prior to triggers being sent to DVSA to allow companies to self-audit prior to committing to the scheme.

Supporting fleet accreditation

FleetCheck is the only fleet management system that has been selected by the leading fleet industry accreditation schemes. If you are a member, or looking to become a member, of either the FTA Van Excellence or the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) you can be confident that FleetCheck is the only system that has been chosen to support operators.