Taking the worry out of vehicle compliance

Easily manage your vehicle compliance and ensure you get a good night’s sleep!

Safety Inspection and Defect Management

With FleetCheck, O Licence vehicle and trailer safety inspection schedules can easily be created for each asset with a range of options available to automatically control how schedules are managed:

  •   Schedules can be planned by exact day or week and can be automated to ensure schedule adherence when a vehicle is inspected earlier or later than planned
  •   Inspection documents can be automatically uploaded into the system and filed against the correct vehicle
  •   FleetCheck will report if there are missing inspection documents
  •   Alerts and multiple reports can be scheduled to advise users and service providers when inspections are due

Electronic Vehicle Checks

Asking employees to regularly inspect and record data concerning their vehicle can be difficult.  Managing that data across multiple spreadsheets and endless emails can be even harder. Regular vehicle inspections are a vital element of fleet management.  Pre-use defect inspections are a prerequisite for both FORS and Van Excellence operating standards.

FleetCheck Driver is the answer.


  •   Intuitive and easy to use, drivers can simply pick it up and go
  •   Fully integrates into your FleetCheck account, no more chasing paperwork
  •   Customisable check sheets – you decide how and what to ask

Proactive SMR Management

Proactive servicing, maintenance and repairs (SMR) allows you to plan when a vehicle needs to come off the road ensuring you don’t have multiple vehicles unavailable.  With FleetCheck, you can schedule key date alerts, allowing you to:

  •   Forward plan MOT and serving schedules
  •   Avoid long garage lead times when booking in vehicles
  •   Demonstrate you are operating within industry guidelines and have 12 months planned maintenance schedules in place
  •   Manage and report on VOR/SORN vehicles

Fuel Management

You can influence how much fuel your fleet uses, simple by making some subtle changes…driver behaviour, vehicle maintenance, vehicle selection, journey management and tyre care can all have a surprising impact on your fuel costs.

With FleetCheck:

  •   Integrate your fuel card data into your FleetCheck account
  •   Automatically allocate fuel against vehicle/driver allocation
  •   Receive MPG analysis
  •   Have visibility of any maintenance issues causing excessive fuel consumption
  •    Identify likely fuel theft
  •   Get accurate CO2 reporting

Maintenance and tachograph Integration

FleetCheck’s software can receive data directly from a multitude of third party providers, including Tachograph analysis and maintenance providers. This ensures that companies can keep on top of what is due and what is coming up. Examples of information brought across are:

  •   Driver card download dates
  •   Driver infringements
  •   Servicing and maintenance history
  •   Vehicle unit download dates
  •   Accurate odometer readings

VOR/SORN Monitoring

FleetCheck FMS enables users to track why and when vehicles have been registered as VOR / SORN.  This is key information when planning capacity and vehicle availability to manage+ loads.

Understanding why a vehicle has been declared SORN also helps to manage vehicle disposal decisions – when it’s better to replace rather than repair a vehicle.

Tyre Management

It is a well-known fact that 57% of tyres are illegal when they come to be replaced.

By proactively prompting drivers to submit their tread depth measurements FleetCheck can intuitively notify fleet managers when tyres are getting close to their legal limits. Tread depths can be directly fed into a user’s FleetCheck account through the FleetCheck Mobile App or by scheduled reports.

When tyres are replaced you can store the cost and date in the maintenance section of the vehicle allowing users to monitor trends and costs.