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Ensure your employees are eligible to drive

Our integrated Licence Checking solution will save you time and support your corporate responsibilities. Drivers can complete either the traditional paper-based mandate, or opt for the E-signature consent, providing you with a full audit trail of checks completed, and thereby supporting your legal compliance.

Manage by exception; focus on your “High Risk” drivers by setting your own risk thresholds with automatic re-checking and email notifications when action is required. This ensures that company policies are adhered to, even during holidays and absences:

  •   Direct link to the DVLA’s Access to Driver Data (ADD) service
  •   Automatic re-check facility
  •   Email notification when action is required
  •   Can be set to cover vocational licence, CPC & Tacho card expiry dates
  •   Support offered by our team of experts and training included in the cost

Legally templated driver documents

Included with the software is Policy Manager, a robust portal that gives businesses the tools, templates and the ability to manage fleet related health and safety with confidence.

Working with a leading UK law firm, Knights 1759, we provide legally templated documents including a Driver Handbook and Driving Policy to give you a head start.


Driver allocation history

FleetCheck’s driver allocation history gives clear visibility of which employees are responsible for which vehicles. This is particularly useful for allocating P11D tax codes.

Through our telematics partners we can integrate existing driver ID tags allowing you to easily identify which driver is responsible.

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Collision, Penalty and Incident Management

Drivers who frequently have collisions, or pick up speeding and parking fines are a cost to your business, both financially and to your reputation.

Our reporting suite allows you to view accidents by driver, and cost. Monthly reports can be configured to generate data of fines by driver and vehicle.

The Driver Risk Profile captures fact-based information about your drivers, assessing their exposure to risk, and allowing you to implement training if required.

Having a robust policy in place to investigate transport-related fines, and to ensure that anyone driving on business is adhering to the rules of the Highway Code is crucial to safe and effective fleet management. It is also a requirement for businesses looking to gain an industry accreditation such as FORS. FleetCheck can keep track of these policies allowing you to stay firmly in control.

Driver Training Records

It is easy to set up alerts and reminders of upcoming training. This may be for a driver’s manual handling course, dangerous goods training (ADR), e-Learning, Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) or anything else of relevance.

Maintaining training records is a core requirement for businesses looking to gain best practice accreditation, including FORS and Van Excellence.

Driver Health and Wellbeing

Companies that care are companies that succeed. Caring for the well-being of your drivers isn’t just a moral obligation, it’s vital for the health of your business.

With FleetCheck, you can schedule driver medical checks and eyesight tests, and you’ll be emailed to remind you when these are due. Using FleetCheck to keep track of any driver medical conditions allows you to have total visibility of your employees’ status so you can plan their work accordingly.