You’re a fleet or transport manager

We get it. You know exactly what needs to be done. But producing performance reports and making sure nothing gets missed can be time-consuming. With FleetCheck you’ll have everything you need at the click of a button.

All your vehicle and driver data in one place

FleetCheck makes it easy to manage vehicle and driver data in one place.

From number plate, MOT, road tax and driver licence details to eye sight checks, defect photographs, DVLA penalty points and driver training information.  And much, much more.

Complete transparency

FleetCheck's reporting dashboard gives instant access to key reporting data including (but not limited to):

  •   Monthly fuel and maintenance costs
  •   Accident by count and driver
  •   Vehicle defects by month
  •   Overdue tyre or safety checks
  •   Drivers due medical checks

Removing the hassle of paper vehicle inspections

Tired of chasing the paperwork associated with vehicle inspections, or driving between multiple sites to ensure checks are being done properly?

You can streamline your vehicle inspection process with FleetCheck Driver.  Our app enables drivers to submit safety checks and more, removing manual processes and improving efficiency.

Live demo

Join us for an tailored live demo of FleetCheck.

How FleetCheck has helped...

As their fleet grew, the day to day running of TrucTyre’s fleet was becoming almost unmanageable. By implementing FleetCheck the business has saved hours in admin whilst putting thousands of pounds back on to the bottom line.

As Darren Swanborough, Group Fleet Maintenance Manager commented, “If we were still using spreadsheets, my job would be so much harder”

Unlimited users. Ready to run.

Setting up our software is easy.  Simply send us your spreadsheets or complete a data capture form and we'll do the rest.  Need the team to have access but don't want them to see everything?  No problem.  We'll set you up with unlimited users and tailored views.

Using spreadsheets to manage your fleet?

Compare FleetCheck to see how you can reduce your workload and improve compliance.

Bespoke to your requirements

FleetCheck can be customised to respond to the very specific needs of your business.  Custom fields can be added to the driver, vehicle and machinery sections and users can choose how much information they would like to see by turning optional sections on or off.  The traffic light alerts can be scheduled according to preference and user settings if, for example, only certain members of a team are allowed to view driver medical records.

Bespoke functionality is also available (charges apply).

See how we have helped

Find out how we have helped other businesses like yours to overcome their fleet management challenges.

What our customers say

Check out what customers from a wide range of industries say about us and the reasons they trust our software.

"Migrating to FleetCheck was a simple business decision because first and foremost FleetCheck delivers exceptional value for money. But it’s not just about cost. FleetCheck makes it easy to bring a multitude of fleet data sources into one place, and for a diverse fleet like ours that’s a fundamental requirement.”

Carl Nicholson

Fleet Manager, North Somerset Council
"Our original reason for seeking a fleet management solution was compliance. We just wanted to be sure we were legal…it was as simple as that. But within a very short time of using FleetCheck it was clear that we were benefiting in numerous other ways; such as saving an enormous amount of admin time and having greater control over our fleet costs.”

Alison Cook

Finance director and fleet manager, Melksham Motor Spares
"We could see straight away that it would very much help us with what we were trying to achieve across the fleet, in increasing vehicle visibility and control over areas like governance… This means we can more effectively serve communities and have a positive impact on people's health."

Mike Moore

National fleet manager, St John Ambulance
"FleetCheck has given us the reassurance that everything has been done meaning and we don’t need to worry about the vehicles’ maintenance being overdue. The support team are particularly helpful making it an all-round great service."

Megan Haddock

Jeakins Weir
"All our sites manage their compliance by keeping the system up to date. They also have full access to all fuel transactions and can monitor and run reports on spends across the fleet. FleetCheck was a lot more appealing to the eye and it is more user friendly than the other systems that I’d previously used in my role at ERS. Everyone in the company agrees that it’s a great system to have in place."

Rachel Collins

ERS Medical

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