Swift Scaffolding Ltd is a professional contributor to the construction industry. Having a legal and compliant fleet is essential for a company in the construction sector. Swift Scaffolding Ltd has always been aware of the importance of having a safe, compliant fleet, and this is demonstrated by their commitment to FORS, having gained Gold accreditation.

Swift Scaffolding Ltd implemented FleetCheck in November 2017 and later began integrating their fuel card data.

Before using FleetCheck


  • It was vital for them to find a fleet management solution to help monitor and schedule all their key dates, such as MOTs, Services and road tax renewals, as their previous processes for managing the fleet created hours of cross-referencing work.
  • They needed a solution to ensure the vehicles and drivers were legal and road-worthy.

How FleetCheck Helped


  • Integrating the data from their fuel card provider into FleetCheck meant they had instant access to accurate CO2 reporting tools and intuitive technology to help monitor their drivers’ behaviour and spot fuel-heavy driving habits.
  • Obtaining the software has enabled them to gain immediate control of all vehicle and driver-related activity, so all paper-based and whiteboard processes were abolished.
  • A vast amount of administration time has been saved using FleetCheck software.
  • They have total control over all daily fleet-related activity. Thanks to the convenient alerts system, they can forward-plan vehicle maintenance schedules efficiently, minimising a significant amount of administration time.

Fleet Information

Swift Scaffold currently run six HGVs, 14 vans, 13 company cars and nine trailers, all operated simultaneously from one site and handled by their Logistics Manager.

“Before I decided to put FleetCheck fleet management software in place, everything was being managed on paper or on whiteboards making service dates really difficult to keep on top of without spending hours sorting through paperwork to pinpoint key dates.

“Being FORS Gold accredited, we need to be on the ball with every aspect of fleet management, from our drivers’ eyesight and health checks to the safety check completion on our vehicles and trailers.  Therefore, it was so essential for us to find a robust system like FleetCheck.

“Having paper and whiteboards eliminated from the situation and our data centralised has meant I can be 100% sure that all our vehicles are constantly monitored and that no faults or defects are missed.

“FleetCheck has made my life so much easier. Having everything in one place has saved me a ridiculous amount of time.  I no longer spend ages endlessly sorting through paper. I couldn’t live without it now!”

Mervyn Rolf, Logistics manager