Are you struggling to manage your drivers and vehicles effectively?

Our free online Fleet Confidence course has been created to help anyone who has the role of looking after company vehicles and drivers.

Fleet Confidence Challenge

This short, free course exclusively from FleetCheck, is designed to help you understand your duty of care, know your 10 most important fleet tasks and help you create a legally compliant “Driving for Work” policy. You will be creating a fleet strategy that will give you the confidence to excel at your role within fleet.

What’s included?

In just a few hours, the Fleet Confidence Challenge will cover all the key things your role requires. Each module consists of video training modules and downloadable copyright-free resources to help you fully understand your role and nail your key responsibilities.

Module 1

Understanding your duty of care

Module 2

Your 10 most important tasks

Module 3

Creating your “Driving for Work” policy

At the end of the Fleet Confidence Challenge

  • Your MD will know that you’re managing the risks associated with your fleet.
  • Your Finance Manager will be happy that you are controlling operational costs.
  • Your drivers will have confidence you’re helping them to stay safe.
  • You will have the self-belief, knowledge and skills necessary to carry out your role within the fleet.

Get started right away

You can save your progress at any point and complete the course at your own pace.
Plus, our experts are on hand with email support if you need additional help.