Helping you to gain and maintain FORS Accreditation

FORS FMS delivers the tools you need to obtain and maintain your FORS accreditation.

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The industry standard

Our multi-award-winning software is fast becoming the industry standard. This is why we have been selected by FORS, the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme, to provide FORS members with a dedicated fleet management software system, FORS FMS.

The system has been tailored to support companies looking to gain and maintain their FORS accreditation by demonstrating compliance with the Bronze, Silver and Gold requirements of the FORS Standard.


Beginning the journey towards FORS accreditation can feel daunting - FORS FMS gives you step by step guidance on what you need to do, and provides the tools to help.

With FORS FMS you no longer have to rely on spreadsheets or manual systems to manage your fleet data, as FORS FMS provides an easy transition to an intuitive, easy to use system.

As FORS FMS offers the ability to import a wide range of fleet data to a central platform, all your fleet information will be in one place so there’s no risk of duplication or missed information.

FORS FMS clients are up to 17% more likely to pass their audits first time.

This is compared against all Gold operators submitting evidence for their FORS Gold audit. Why not benefit from automated processes and data integration directly from the FORS database?

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Why choose FORS FMS?


  •  Suite of bespoke FORS reports to support your accreditation requirements
  •  Online storage for all your FORS policies and procedures
  •  Automated reminders to ensure all your FORS documents are reviewed on time
  •  Auditor dates, deadlines and key tasks identified and actioned
  •  Integrated drivers’ walk around check app, FORS FMS Mobile
  •  Automated data input of FORS driver training records
  •  Data integration with leading telematics providers, FORS Driver Licence Checking Service and all fuel card providers
  •  Direct links to the DVLA for vehicle details, MOT and road tax renewal dates
  •  Step by step checklist for your FORS Bronze, Silver and Gold accreditation

Defect management

FORS FMS Mobile makes reporting defects and “nil” defect reports easy, giving you effective control and total visibility.

You receive reports detailing which vehicles haven’t been checked, vehicles that have moved without a check recorded, or drivers that haven’t completed a report.

Outstanding defects are easily identified and you can generate a work order to be sent via the software to a chosen service provider or internal workshop. Once the defect has been repaired, evidence can be uploaded and the defect marked as complete.

The fully auditable and joined up solution means that operators have total peace of mind, clear visibility, reduced manual inputting and complete cost analysis all on one platform.

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Integration with FORS FMS

Connect your data, save time.

Save time and reduce costs by having a complete overview of all your information in one place with instant, secure access from anywhere, anytime.

FleetCheck makes it simple to collate your information from multiple suppliers such as telematics, fuel cards, maintenance and so much more.

Simplify your driver licence checking

By accessing a direct link to the DVLA’s Access to Driver Data (ADD) service, LicenceAssured allows you to check driver licence details whenever necessary.

Setup auto checks and reminders dependant on your approved driver risk scale and where relevant, check digital tachograph driver cards and Driver Qualification Cards. The licence data is integrated into your FORS FMS account, automatically sending prompts and reminders of licence expirations or revocations.

All the reporting you need, at the click of a button

Reporting Suite

The key to any successful fleet management system is the ability to extract, review and manipulate key information held within it.

Our reporting suite has been designed to enhance your fleet controls, providing a flexible platform from which you can produce over 600 key management reports that can be exported into Excel and PDF for external manipulation with bespoke email scheduling if required.

KPI Dashboard

Dashboard Plus organises and presents information in a format that is easy to view and interpret. Our dashboard provides a starting point where you can get a sense of the big picture before jumping into the main system.

The FORS FMS dashboard includes:

  •   An intuitive display, thoughtfully laid-out and easy to navigate
  •   Click through from the dashboard makes accessing data easy and fast
  •   Displays linked to user permissions so you only view what is relevant

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