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Safeguard your company against fines, prosecution or financial exposure from unlicenced or unentitled drivers.

Would you like to simplify your driver licence checking?

With FleetCheck LicenceAssured you’ll be able to:

Save time – no more paper chasing or manual processing.

Be in control – automate your licence checking with more visibility.

Enjoy peace of mind – no more sleepless nights, and meet your compliance requirements.

Employer’s Legal Obligations

Employers and employees should take reasonable precautions to mitigate risks whilst driving at work. Negligent employers may be criminally liable for corporate manslaughter in the case of a serious road accident.

A fundamental element when mitigating the risk to an organisation should be the validation of a persons right to drive a vehicle. Steps must be taken to reduce the risk presented by the driver to themselves and other road users. Driving licence entitlement and risk potential need to be checked on a regular basis.

Every employer who runs a fleet or allows their employees to drive their own vehicle on business is subject to certain legal obligations:

  •   Take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of their drivers and other road users
  •   Ensure vehicles are roadworthy, taxed and insured
  •   Put rigorous checking processes in place to manage grey fleet
  •   Adhere to specific DVSA standards if they are a goods vehicle operator


Why use FleetCheck LicenceAssured?

Simply checking your drivers’ photocards to carry out licence checking is not sufficient as it doesn’t show any driving offences or endorsements.

Using the government “view your driving record” service is free but time-consuming. If you wish to check someone else’s driving licence online, you need the last 8 characters of their driving licence number and a check code from the driver themselves. You must not use their national insurance number to find this information.

FleetCheck Driver Licence Checking is ADLV Approved

Visually Check Photocard Online

FleetCheck LicenceAssured

Cost to business

This type of licence check is NOT valid.

High level of administration required.

Free setup & training then £3.50 per check

Real-time DVLA Data

Automatic reminders

Automated rechecks based on driver risk

Full audit trail

Driver consent method

Requires new check code from driver every time.

Mandate - valid for 3 years.

How does it work?

The system accesses a direct link to the DVLA’s Access to Driver Data (ADD) service to check employees’ current endorsement status. Permissions are obtained by employees signing either a paper or electronic approval and need to be updated every three years.

The licence data is integrated into your FleetCheck account, automatically sending prompts and reminders of licence expirations or revocations.

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