Don’t turn a blind eye to driver vision

Recent government statistics have revealed that around 3,000 road casualties every year are due to the poor eyesight of the driver. Possibly more alarming still

Understanding Clear Air Zones

Clean Air Zones, Low Emission Zones, Ultra Low Emission Zones, Air Pollution, Charging Zones; these are all phrases that you may usually associate with London,

Fleet Management Software Features

Need to know more about fleet management software features and how implementing fleet software can improve your fleet efficiency and increase your bottom line? Here

What Is Fleet Management in Logistics?

Fleet management plays an important role in logistics, as does fleet management software. Fleet management software helps to automate logistical management processes, save costs, identify

Fleet Management Software Pricing

Managing a fleet of vehicles is no easy task. Modern fleet management involves keeping on top of ever-changing compliance, vehicle maintenance, managing drivers, continually optimising

What Is Fleet Asset Management Software?

Fleet asset management software plays an integral role in enabling fleet managers to better manage their vehicles and other assets. In this article, we’re taking

Benefits of Fleet Management

The benefits of fleet management far outweigh the cost and resources required to create and implement robust and effective fleet management processes. In this article,

What is vehicle fleet optimisation?

Vehicle Fleet Optimisation is a hard-to-navigate topic, but one that you need to be aware of if you run a fleet. The business landscape has

The benefits of Super Deduction tax relief

The government recently announced a new super deduction tax relief, coming into force this month, April 2021. This tax deduction could cut companies’ tax bills

Why companies need to ensure drivers are carrying out walkaround checks

A walkaround check is more than a ‘tick-box’ exercise as it ensures your vehicle is fit for the road. Increasingly at FleetCheck, we have been

Managing legal compliance and risk

Running a fleet – if not done properly – can be a legal minefield, and we can’t stress enough how vital it is that you

7 reasons to beware of using Excel for critical data.

Excel can be a great tool for tabular data or rudimentary forms, and there are occasions when it’s appropriate to use Excel as a simple