Managing a fleet of vehicles is no easy task. Modern fleet management involves keeping on top of ever-changing compliance, vehicle maintenance, managing drivers, continually optimising performance, asset management, and much more.

Whether you have two vehicles or 2,000, the only way to effectively manage your fleet and identify data-backed insights into how you can improve performance is by using Fleet Management Software.

Obviously, fleet management software comes at a cost. But day-to-day tasks, compliance, and logistics aside, using the right fleet management software is going to save you money in the long run – and we can easily prove this to you if need be.

In this article, we’re looking at fleet management software pricing; how much it costs to manage a fleet of vehicles, how you can save money by using the right software, and how you can get started trying out our fleet management software for free:

How Much Does a Fleet Management System Cost?

FleetCheck fleet management system will cost £6 per month per vehicle for our most popular ‘Professional’ plan. This works out at £720 per year for a fleet of 10 vehicles.

You can get started for just £2 per month per vehicle with FleetCheck Driver. This is our driver’s defect reporting app and portal.

We also offer an Essential plan which is £4 per month per driver, and an Expert plan which is £8 per month per vehicle.

We’re happy to give you a live demo of our software if you want to see the software in action and ask any questions. We also offer a 14-day free trial for our Driver plan, and 30-day free trials for our other plans.

You can see a full list of our plans and all of the features included in each plan on our pricing page here.

How Does Fleet Management Software Reduce Costs?

Not only does fleet management software make managing a fleet a lot easier, and in some cases possible, there are several areas where it can help you reduce your fleet costs.

Some of the key areas are:

Reducing Fuel Costs

Fuel typically accounts for the majority of a fleet’s costs, yet it’s often the area where there is the most room to make savings with the help of good data.

Fleet management software is able to show you fuel usage down to a fine detail like the exact fuel economy each vehicle is getting and how optimal their journeys are.

This helps you identify the drivers and/or vehicles with the worst economy, plan more optimal journeys, address maintenance needs, and generally make changes across your fleet that can have a huge impact on your bottom line.

Reducing Vehicle Costs

Vehicle costs are usually not far behind fuel costs. For some organisations with poor fleet management processes, vehicle maintenance costs can easily spiral out of control.

FleetCheck Driver is our fully integrated, customisable vehicle walkaround app that drivers can use to quickly and thoroughly perform their daily checks and send the information directly to FleetCheck.

You can also set key dates for service reminders, address maintenance issues before they escalate, closely monitor costs, and more.

Huge Time Savings

One of the benefits every fleet manager notices the moment they switch from spreadsheets or some other manual process to fleet management software is how much manual work it saves.

It becomes almost impossible to accurately maintain driver or vehicle details as a fleet grows. Not to mention that without GPS, you can never know where a vehicle is and how it’s performing in real-time.

In addition to this, you can store and recall employee details, driver’s license information, vehicle information, compliance documents, and more in an instant when saved electronically.

Reduced Accidents and Lower Insurance

Fleet management software has been proven to help fleet managers reduce road accidents and improve driver safety.

This is primarily due to being able to identify ‘high-risk’ driver behaviors and take action before they’re involved in an accident. As well as identifying vehicle maintenance issues before they become more serious.

If you speak with your insurance provider, you may also be able to have your premium reduced due to having GPS, dash cams, and other technology that satisfies them that your drivers are better equipped.

Want to know more about how FleetCheck can reduce your fleet costs?

We’ve published a number of case studies here from various companies detailing how FleetCheck has helped save them money.

Try Our Fleet Management Software Free

If you’re on the fence about whether or not FleetCheck is the right fit for your fleet – and we’re sure it is – then you can schedule a time for us to give you a demo, or we’ll set you up with a free trial.

Our demonstrations typically last around 30 minutes. We’ll take you through all the features of our software and show you first-hand how FleetCheck will help improve your fleet management.

If you want to try out FleetCheck for yourselves, we can set you up with a free six-week trial. We’re confident you’ll not want to cancel after seeing the benefits for yourself, but if you do, no hard feelings.