As a busy fleet manager, you might wonder why you should take on the extra burden and cost of organising driver training. If your drivers have the necessary driving licences for their role, why do they need any additional training?

The truth is that appropriate further training will actually simplify your life and save you time and money. Here’s why you should give it serious consideration.

Well-trained drivers are safer drivers

The safety of your drivers should be one of your top priorities. Businesses are, of course, legally responsible for the health and safety of their staff and driver training can play an important role in complying with the law. Driving is statistically the most dangerous work activity in the UK, with one in three road accidents involving someone who is driving as part of their job. Developing safer, defensive driving skills to reduce the chances of injury to your staff or other road users is one of the most important actions you can take as a responsible employer.

Driving training saves you money

Ultimately, you will save the cost of driver training many times over through improved fuel efficiency, reduced vehicle maintenance and lower insurance premiums. By learning how to use simple eco-driving techniques, fuel consumption can be cut by as much as 15%. A more considered driving style will also save wear on tyres and brakes and reduce minor scrapes. The associated reduction in carbon emissions also make an important contribution to reducing your company’s carbon footprint and enhancing its corporate social responsibility.

Additionally, improved driving skills will result in fewer accidents, and you should see a very welcome reduction in insurance premiums. Some insurance companies offer discounts purely because you put your drivers through a training programme.

Investing in your drivers is great for morale

A company that shows commitment to its staff through training is sending a powerful message that it values them and their skills. It is saying that you want them to stay with you for the long term and that you believe in their ability to do a great job.

Attending training sessions helps develop relationships between different members of staff who may otherwise not come into frequent contact with each other. This is invaluable when there are problems to be solved or new working practices need to be explored.

Good drivers are great for your brand image

Whilst your drivers are out on the road, they are very visible brand ambassadors. If someone sees a vehicle with your company name on it being poorly or inconsiderately driven, this will, without doubt, damage your reputation as a company that takes pride in what they do. Similarly, a vehicle covered in small scrapes and dents does not project a company image to be proud of.

Ultimately, it will make your life easier

If you consider the hours spent on organising vehicle maintenance and repair, making insurance claims and rescheduling because vehicles are off the road, then reducing your workload through investing in driver training makes a lot of sense. Add in greater safety for your staff, reduced staff turnover and improved company image, and it becomes a no-brainer.