Need to know more about fleet management software features and how implementing fleet software can improve your fleet efficiency and increase your bottom line?

Here is a look at some of the key features of Fleetcheck, our award-winning, most recommended fleet management software in the UK:

Fuel Management and Cost Savings

Fuel is one of – if not the – largest expenses for most fleet managers. Fleet management software gives you detailed analysis and insights into how much fuel your drivers and vehicles are using.

This enables you to identify the vehicles using the most fuel or operating on the lowest MPG, so you can identify why that vehicle is costing more than others.

This often enables you to identify reckless driving behaviors, faults on vehicles, and other issues that could have potentially become a lot worse had you not identified them through excessive fuel consumption.

Equipment Management

Fleet management software is also used to keep track of machinery and equipment. Businesses with construction machinery and equipment, in particular, use fleet management software to keep track of their assets.

The software enables construction site managers to keep better track of where their equipment is, workers can send work orders and notify managers of defects in real-time, and it helps improve compliance and site health and safety.

Driver Management

On the admin side, fleet management software enables you to make sure your drivers are eligible to drive, Fleetcheck’s Policy Manager provides tools to manage fleet-related health and safety, you can call licence details, and know which driver is in each vehicle.

On the performance side, you’re able to monitor how your drivers are performing, set alerts to be notified of any reckless behaviours, and identify training needs.

Route Planning and Vehicle Tracking

Route planning plays a large role in almost all fleet operations, particularly for logistics companies. Fleetcheck uses telematics and GPS to provide real-time location and movement details for every vehicle in your fleet.

This enables you to plan more efficient routes, notify drivers of delays, and make other adjustments while they’re on the road. You can also use this data to analyse driver performance, improve security, and a number of other benefits.

Notifications and Alarms

As a fleet grows, it becomes increasingly challenging to keep on top of maintenance, driver maintenance, and other key dates and reminders.

Using Fleetcheck, you can set reminders and alerts so you’re notified of key dates and when something comes up that needs your attention. One of the main advantages of software is that it scales as your business does without the need to add more employee hours.

Improved Compliance

Compliance plays an important – but complex – role in fleet management. Using a robust fleet management system is the only way to be sure you’re staying 100% compliant with the various policies, O Licences, and industry accreditations.

Fleet managers are also able to roll out communications fleet-wide when necessary, and store documents electronically.

Analytics and Reporting

Fleet-related decisions can only be as good as the data a fleet manager has to work with. The way you can view and dynamically use fleet data using software is a gamechanger for fleet managers.

Being able to drill down on data to a granular level gives you the confidence to make better decisions. In addition to this, you can produce and share reports internally or externally with ease.

Related Questions

What Does a Fleet Manager Do?

A fleet manager also called a vehicle or transport manager is the person responsible for overseeing fleet operations. Their key responsibilities include (but are not limited to) recordkeeping, managing drivers, negotiating with suppliers, maintaining compliance, analysing data, and dealing with disputes.

Do You Need Fleet Management Software?

If you have a fleet of vehicles, which means more than one, then you will benefit from using fleet management software. Just read the benefits and features above to get a better understanding of how fleet management software will help improve your fleet operations.

How Much Does Fleet Management Software Cost?

FleetCheck fleet management system costs £6 per month per vehicle for our most popular ‘Professional’ plan. This works out at £720 per year for a fleet of 10 vehicles. You can get started, however, for just £2 per month per vehicle with FleetCheck Driver. You can see all our plans HERE