If you have a fleet of vehicles within your organisation you should be using some form of fleet management software. Managing a fleet of vehicles is challenging, no matter how many vehicles you are responsible for. If you’re trying to do it without robust software, you’re leaving yourself open to legal penalties, and are certainly incurring additional time and financial costs.

Key benefits of fleet management software

Vehicle management

Vehicle management is the backbone of fleet management software. It allows the fleet manager to have all the relevant information about their fleet of vehicles at a click of a button. The software will take all those time-consuming daily tasks that can be automated off your hands. Drilling into the data allows you to save costs in a number of areas, as will be explained in more detail in this article.

Most importantly, fleet software scales with the size of your fleet. It allows you to manage your fleet as it grows without costing you more in administration costs.

Monitoring costs

Without a robust system to track all fleet-related costs, it’s easy to lose track and overspend. All good fleet management systems will have financial controls. We understand the importance of being able to monitor and make savings, and have taken this a step further with our FleetCheck software. Our unique dashboard makes it easy to set and track financial KPIs. We have hundreds of pre-set reporting options and give you the power to drill deeper and run any custom reports of your choosing.

Compliance and safety

Daily driver safety checks are a legal requirement, and it is vital that daily checks are carried out thoroughly. Speeding up the administration part is a huge plus and a benefit of using fleet management software as you’re also able to keep up-to-date with changes in legislation through your dashboard as global notifications are sent out. You can take a closer look at FleetCheck Driver here – our handy daily driver check app.

Fuel management

Fuel is one of the variable costs of running a fleet where you can make huge savings by implementing a few subtle changes. Our reporting software shows you exactly how much fuel your fleet is using, and highlights areas where you can make those savings.

You can integrate your fuel card data into your FleetCheck account, which enables you to receive MPG analysis, spot maintenance issues causing excessive fuel consumption, identify possible fuel theft, and more. You can find out more about how FleetCheck can help you save on fuel costs here.

Driver management

Fleet management software doesn’t just stop with your vehicles. There are also a number of important driver management features to ensure your drivers are legally eligible to drive and you can also schedule medical checks for your drivers, set up reminders for upcoming training, and flag drivers “high risk” drivers.

Why should you use fleet management software?

Using fleet management software enables companies to save hundreds, even thousands of employee hours. It’s a faster and more robust way to store information and provides a dynamic way to analyse and drill down on information. Whether you have one or 10,000 vehicles, the cost of running management software is the same. Recording all your driver and vehicle information electronically makes it available at the touch of a button. Greatly minimising the chance of error. The software’s capability to send you alerts, make you aware of safety risks, and highlight areas where you can save money can’t be matched with manpower and a physical fleet management system.