Fuel Management System for Fleet

With fuel costs and the impact on the environment on the rise, we’ve developed a fuel management system for fleet managers to counter these problems.

By utilising our fuel management system you can track, monitor, and make changes that influence how much fuel your fleet uses – with you seeing the benefit on your bottom line.

How Fleet Management Software Cuts Fuel Costs

Prevent Fuel Fraud – Allocate fuel purchases to drivers and verify the amount of fuel purchased and used.

Analyse Fuel Economy – Our detailed reporting features enable you to drill down into driver/vehicle economy.


With FleetCheck:

  •   Integrate your fuel card data into your FleetCheck account
  •   Automatically allocate fuel against the right vehicle/driver
  •   Receive MPG analysis
  •   Have visibility of any maintenance issues causing excessive fuel consumption
  •    Identify likely fuel theft
  •   Get accurate CO2 reporting

Live demo

Join us for a tailored live demo of FleetCheck.