Making checks & defect reporting as quick and efficient as possible

Providing a robust way of documenting and integrating the information into your fleet management software.

How does the FleetCheck Driver App work?

FleetCheck Driver, a fully integrated, customisable vehicle walk around app that allows the user to carry out their checks with a few clicks and swipes. No more pen and paper, no more sheets to file, everything is at the driver’s fingertips.

What needs checking?

Find out what you need to check inside and outside of the
vehicle when you do an HGV walkaround check.

What needs checking?

Find out what you need to check inside and outside of the vehicle when you do an HGV walkaround check.

A Streamlined Way to Carry out Daily Vehicle Checks

FleetCheck Driver is designed to not only streamline the vehicle checking and inspection process – it also has functionality for submitting fit to drive declarations, report incidents, input fuel purchases, and more.

The app integrates seamlessly with our FleetCheck Fleet Management Software, giving you complete control over all of your fleet’s tasks via a modern, easy-to-use dashboard.

Whether you run a fleet of 1 or 1,000 vehicles, FleetCheck Driver is a tool that scales without adding more to your workload. There is zero paperwork involved, once you start using the FleetCheck app there’s no going back.




Some features of FleetCheck Driver include:

  •   Design your own custom checksheets
  •   Upload photographic evidence of damage
  •   Automate inspection schedules
  •   See missed inspections instantly
  •   Access a full audit trail of inspections
  •   Multi-language interface
  •   Fit-to-drive declarations
  •   On/off shift reporting
  •   Tyre pressure information
  •   Collision reporting with evidence
  •   Record fuel purchases and mileages
  •   Provide driver-support information

All your drivers need, in the palm of their hand.

All the information your drivers need is available at their fingertips. Communicate relevant support numbers and information saving your drivers time and reducing unnecessary phone calls back to the office.

You can also deploy custom fit to drive declarations across the app with instant alerts if a driver is unfit to work.

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Why Do You Need to Carry out Walk Around Inspections?

Carrying out daily (first use) walk around inspections is a legal requirement. Part of these obligations is documenting the checks so you can demonstrate compliance with the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) requirements.

Beyond the legal requirements, daily inspections are crucial to spotting potentially dangerous and costly defects.

Still Using Paper Vehicle Inspection Sheets?

There’s no reason to still be using paper inspection sheets or vehicle defect cards and there are dozens of reasons why your drivers shouldn’t be using paper sheets to carry out their daily checks.

Here are a few of the main benefits of using digital reporting over paper sheets:

Save money – There are huge savings to be made switching from a paper system to a digital solution like the FleetCheck app. You’re cutting paper and storage costs out, along with time spent collecting and manually entering the information into your system.

Real-time reporting – Receiving real-time notifications of defects and any other driver notes enables you to order parts or book in garage time before the vehicle has come back. Reducing time off-road and putting you in a proactive position.

Time stamping – No one wants to assume they have non-compliant drivers, but with the GPS and time-stamping a digital app gives you there is no room for doubt. You can check exactly when, and how long the checks took to be carried out.

Scaleable – The main problem with manual processes is that they aren’t scalable for the same cost and time investment. FleetCheck Driver is suitable for fleets of any size, and the administration time remains the same.

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