The Reader Recommended programme reveals the brands that companies running fleets trust most to deliver an outstanding service. Fleet News conducts research among fleet decision-makers, who are asked to nominate their best suppliers, but also their worst. The research is analysed and the top performing company is granted ‘Reader Recommended’ status for a full year. For 2024, FleetCheck is the ONLY Fleet Management Software Solution that has been selected.

At FleetCheck, we believe that everybody has the right to be safe on the roads. Our business was created so that we could improve the safety of drivers, vehicles, and the public by providing education and solutions that lowers the cost of compliance for fleet managers.

We are working towards a time when everyone responsible for vehicle fleets is using appropriate tools and solutions. Our part in achieving this is to help remove barriers to fleet management by providing simple, easy to use and cost-effective solutions.

When FleetCheck started in 2006, our motivation was to make life easier for the thousands of people responsible for company vehicles. Many of them didn’t even think of themselves as fleet managers because managing the vehicles wasn’t the only role they had in the business and they were simply trying to do the best they could, with limited resources and experience.

Spreadsheets are normally the go-to-tool for those managing vehicles and their drivers. There’s no extra cost and little training is needed as it’s simple and intuitive to use. However, putting more data into ever-more complex spreadsheets can lead to a variety of data problems that are difficult to undo. Lost data, inconsistent formatting and numbers that don’t add up can be difficult to troubleshoot. Key dates such as MOT, road tax, servicing and driver checks can all be missed or worse, accidentally deleted.

Chasing paperwork from drivers for daily vehicle checks is another common bugbear. It’s hugely time-consuming, some records don’t get filed, they must be sorted manually to identify faults, and further time-consuming processes are required to manage repairs.

These problems are preventable with a fleet management software solution. It provides a secure online platform for multiple users, unlimited document storage for any vehicle and driver related files and documents and handles your fleet tasks proactively. FleetCheck can also integrate with other data, such as your fuel card information or telematics system, and provides a comprehensive reporting facility for your fleet activities.

At FleetCheck, we work with businesses as a trusted partner. By eliminating paper-chasing and manual processing, our software helps our clients save time, save money, and enjoy peace of mind that their compliance requirements are being met.

Our clients trust us to deliver excellence. We know that we make a difference when we come together to solve problems and develop ever more effective solutions, increasing road safety for everyone.

Go paperless with FleetCheck – fleet management software you can trust