Strong impetus for fleets to electrify while new car supply remains highly inconsistent is changing the badge composition of some fleets, says FleetCheck.

Peter Golding, managing director at the fleet software specialist said that several manufacturers who previously had low or non-existent fleet profiles were gaining ground.

“There are a number of factors converging here but probably the strongest is that drivers are very keen to get out of ICE vehicles into EVs with significantly lower benefit in kind rates.

“However, the availability of EVs in general, especially those with sensible delivery times, is extremely variable and so their real world choices often consist of manufacturers that have not traditionally had a significant fleet presence and fall outside of existing badge policies.

“Some companies are gaining from this in a noticeable manner. Names such as Tesla, Kia, Hyundai, and even Polestar have not historically figured on company car bestseller charts but are making their way onto fleets in relatively large numbers.

“Much of this success is deserved, with the models on offer not just being in good supply but also representing some of the best core company car EVs currently available. It’s having a definite and in some cases, a rapid effect on the badge mix seen on some fleets.”

Peter said that it remained to be seen whether this situation would lead to a long-term change in which manufacturers dominated the fleet market or if established car makers would reassert their presence.

“Some established manufacturers have individual models doing well but among the big players, probably only VW can currently offer a good choice of EV models in the principle sectors of the company car market.

“This situation will be resolved in the next couple of years as new models are introduced but it will be interesting to see whether there is an ongoing degree of displacement, especially with the predicted entry of a number of highly capable Chinese car makers into the market in the medium term adding to the potential for disruption.”