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Poor availability of new vans is hampering some fleets in their efforts to become compliant with new Clean Air Zones, FleetCheck is reporting. With the Bath CAZ already in place and Birmingham and Bristol to follow, as well as the upgraded London Low Emissions Zone (LEZ) now in effect, the fleet software specialist says that some businesses are only now starting to realise that they need to ensure that they have sufficient Euro 6 LCVs
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The 130% capital allowances superdeduction that comes into effect on April 1 presents a “major renewal opportunity” for van fleets, FleetCheck is forecasting. The fleet software specialist says that businesses who have been considering buying Euro 6 compliant light commercial vehicles to meet the needs of Clean Air Zones or electric and hybrid vans as they begin EV operations for the first time now have an ideal moment. Peter Golding, managing director, explained: “As long
“Gig economy” vehicles should be brought under the law in exactly the same way as is now beginning to happen for their drivers, FleetCheck is asserting. Peter Golding, managing director at the fleet software specialist, said that the recent ruling against Uber and that company’s new moves this week to provide a range of employment rights to drivers should be extended to the safety standards applied to cars and vans. He explained: “This is not
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The adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) could drive an increasing amount of seasonality in fleet usage thanks to much-decreased battery efficiency in winter, FleetCheck is predicting. The fleet software specialist says that, as fleets become more experienced in EV use, it is becoming clear that range can be affected by as much as 30-40% in real-world conditions by cold weather. Peter Golding, managing director, explained: “This loss of range of is quite substantial and, depending