As a fleet manager, you have endless responsibilities. There's a lot to manage from the driver, vehicle, and licence checks to daily vehicle inspections.

It’s not just managing all the moving parts of managing a fleet that can be challenging; staying compliant is also challenging.

Keeping accurate and thorough records is essential, as is using the right software and tools to speed up your admin while ensuring you’re compliant.

Here is a look at some of the additional services that integrate with FleetCheck and are designed to help fleet managers save time, energy, and money:

FleetCheck Driver

FleetCheck Driver is our electronic driver vehicle checking app. Traditionally, vehicle checks have been done using paper, with drivers manually checking off items and notifying fleet managers if there are any defects by dropping off a sheet.

FleetCheck Driver removes the entire paper trail involved with driver checks. Everything is done electronically so you can be notified immediately if something needs attention.

You can also set up notifications so you’ll be made aware if something needs or hasn’t been done.

We also have our “Fit to drive declaration” within FleetCheck Driver. This is a declaration template you can send to drivers electronically for them to fill out, making it clear they’re fit to drive.

You can also use FleetCheck Driver to record fuel purchases. An added benefit of this is if your driver cannot use a fuel card for any reason, they can still use the app to record their fuel purchase.

This doesn’t just apply to fuel purchases; your drivers can also record Adblue top-ups. If you’re a FORS operator, you need to demonstrate that you’re keeping a record of it.

Another feature of FleetCheck Driver that is helping fleet managers streamline and speed up their processes is the ability to send push notifications and documents.

This means you can send and receive documents electronically, such as driving-to-work policies, drivers’ handbooks, risk assessments, etc.

Not only can you send documents, but you can make it mandatory that your drivers action the documents you’re sending them.

We made it so that drivers are required to answer questions regarding whether or not they have read a document and understand it. You’ll receive their answers electronically, saving a lot of time and hassle.

FleetCheck LicenceAssured

The days of checking paper driver's licences are long gone, it’s been digital for a while.

However, it's still common practice for a driver to go online and request a code for their fleet manager to check their licence that way.

This can still be time-consuming, especially with a large fleet.

FleetCheck LicenceAssured is a bolt-on service that integrates with FleetCheck and links directly with the DVLA.

Using FleetCheck LicenceAssured we will notify you if anything changes with any of your drivers' licences, saving you time and energy manually checking licences.

FleetCheck Technician

FleetCheck technician allows you to conduct your electronic check sheets. This tool enables you to remove paper-based tasks, saving you time and money.

By setting up electronic inspection check sheets, you won’t have to save, print, and work with any paper documents.

It works in real-time, too, so you can track the progress of inspections as it's happening. FleetCheck Technician is DVSA compliant and validated for DVSA’s Earned Recognition Scheme.

If you’d like to learn more about FleetCheck and how our additional services can save you time and money, please feel free to contact a team member by using this form or calling our office on 01666 577928.