Within the fleet sector, there is much personal information you’re likely to collect, so understanding and adhering to data security laws and regulations is crucial.

You need to ensure you have robust security when it comes to collecting and storing personal data.

FleetCheck allows you to store all of your fleet and employee data electronically. We’re fully GDPR compliant and ISO 27001, which are the reassurances you should look for in a fleet management software provider.

What Do You Need to Remain Compliant?

It is mandatory to check your driver’s licences to ensure they’re eligible and legally able to drive the vehicles they’re operating.

When doing so, you will be collecting much personal information. You’ll need consent forms in place to do this and an outline in your driver’s handbook of how this information is being handled.

Consent Forms

There is a lot of personal and sensitive information you’ll be storing about your drivers, such as their age, address, date of birth, and drivers’ licence number, to name a few things.

You need to consider who will have access to that data, how it will be stored, and the procedures you have in place for handling the data.

All of this should be made clear on a consent form given to your employees, so they’re comfortable signing it over.

Storing Data

Storing personal data manually using paper is challenging to manage and maintain a robust and secure system.

This is where fleet management software like FleetCheck comes into its own to make your life easier and, more importantly, ensure that all of your driver’s data is secure and handled correctly.

If you’d like to find out more about FleetCheck or chat about how we can support your data security processes, please feel free to get in touch with a team member by using this form or calling our office on 01666 577928.