Wayland Farms is one of the largest and most trusted, high-welfare outdoor pig producers in the UK and the 2019 winner of the National Pig Awards ‘Outdoor Producer of the Year’.

Their fleet is managed by Gareth Young, an HGV driver for nearly 16 years before taking on the role of Transport Manager. Gareth has a passion for the haulage industry, and intern compliance is something he is very focused on.

Before using FleetCheck


  • Gareth found defect reporting, and rectification was the biggest issue.
  • Wayland Farms are moving processes to paperless due to their commitment to carbon neutrality through their second nature scheme.

How FleetCheck Helped


  • FleetCheck has revolutionised operations. It’s now effortless to maintain compliance.
  • Gareth has reduced his time managing the fleet by nearly 5 hours a week and, in turn, also saves on administration costs.
  • FleetCheck has also been vital to Wayland Farms achieving Earned Recognition Status.

Fleet Information

15 HVG class 1 vehicles and specialise in transporting Livestock and animal feed, using state-of-the-art trailers to achieve this.

"The whole process of getting set up with the system was effortless. The system is easy to navigate, and everything you need as a fleet manager is all in one place. Without the use of FleetCheck, we would not have been able to achieve the standard to be accredited with earned recognition status. Customer service is second to none, the team fully supports us, and all issues are resolved immediately.

I would 100% recommend FleetCheck to other operators; I’m in talks with the rest of the group highlighting the benefits of both fleet check and FleetCheck technician."

Gareth Young, Transport Manager