Optilan UK Ltd is a global integrator of communications and security solutions for businesses, industries and governments internationally.

As a company in the security sector, Optilan has always been aware of the importance of having a legal and compliant fleet, not only for the protection of the company but for the safety of its drivers when out on site. It was essential for them to find a fleet management system which could supply an electronic, portable version of their daily check sheets.

Before using FleetCheck


  • When it came to the vehicle safety checks, everything was being reported on paper, meaning some checksheets wouldn’t be collected until weeks after, by which point any reported defects had been ignored, making the repair more pressing and potentially more expensive.
  • Prior to FleetCheck, Optilan’s fleet was monitored and managed on an in-house database that had originally been built to manage machinery and other equipment. It had been adapted to handle the entire fleet but was often unreliable, meaning there had to be backup spreadsheets and paper copies.

How FleetCheck Helped


  • Integrating the data from their telematics into FleetCheck means they now have clear visibility of accurate, auto-updated mileage readings. This has eliminated manual mileage checking - a significant time saver for Tony and the rest of the transport team at Optilan.
  • Use of the FleetCheck software and the intuitive mobile app has enabled them to gain complete clarity and control of all vehicle and driver related activity, saving him an enormous amount of time.
  • With the in-house database, spreadsheets and paper-based processes eliminated, tasks can now be properly forward-planned, appropriately managed and accurately recorded in a central system for future reference.
  • The app has enabled them to view how long drivers are taking to complete their checks. This also delivers confidence in the precision of the checks, leading to a safer, more compliant fleet.
  • Since moving to FleetCheck, Optilan can confidently say that their fleet is well managed, their processes and costs are closely monitored, and most importantly, their drivers are safe and legal.
  • Thanks to FleetCheck’s system of scheduled alerts, they can forward-plan all vehicle maintenance diminishing a considerable amount of administration time and removing the stress of safety checks not being recorded or chased up.

Fleet Information

Optilan currently operates a mixed fleet of around 60 vehicles and pieces of machinery.

“The database we were using before we came across FleetCheck was so unreliable that we had to make sure we had multiple copies of everything.  As you can imagine, this was a bit of a muddle at times, but we had to do this to ensure nothing was ever lost or out of date. This made the whole fleet management process heavily labour-intensive and very time-consuming.

“Being my first role as a transport manager, I was really on the look-out for something that could not only sort and store our maintenance data but had the capability to link with our telematics provider in order to have everything I needed in one system.

Having the app in place has meant that all our drivers can complete their daily safety checks properly but still with ease. All our drivers have phones, so having the app installed was a no-brainer!

We no longer have to chase our drivers for their checksheets because it all feeds automatically into FleetCheck, and any defects reported are triggered straight to email, so I know what’s going on with my vehicles as soon as it’s reported.”

Tony Sharpe, Transport Manager