Airmec is one of UK’s longest-established specialist air hygiene and water treatment solutions providers for a range of customers including HM Prisons, MOD sites and schools.  The company started using FleetCheck at the end of 2019.

Before using FleetCheck

  • Tom found that the systems that were in place were becoming more and more inadequate as they had been designed for a small fleet of just a few vehicles.
  • A lot of the processes were duplicated and data was fragmented. Tom was spending a lot of time adding information into multiple spreadsheets for different users to access. For example; vehicle registration numbers and previous drivers of these vehicles were on several different spreadsheets.
  • In addition to this, Tom was also battling with collecting paper-based vehicles checks from technicians based all over the UK and then, once collected, having to decipher the written paperwork in order to record and manage any faults.
  • The system the company was using was time-consuming, open to error and at times, very frustrating for him.

How FleetCheck Helped

  • All the information required is in one place, and access to it can be tailored for different areas of the business.
  • Finding information has been made a lot easier rather than having multiple spreadsheets. Vehicle inspections are now paperless with the use of FleetCheck Driver app, giving Tom more time to concentrate on other parts of his job and not worrying about missing information.
  • Tom can easily keep on top of the fleet without the stress of keeping up with changes and possibly forgetting something.
  • Being able to trace everything back to either the driver, vehicle or both is very valuable, as it takes the guessing game out of any incidents.
  • When questions are asked, answers are given within seconds without having to go away and check.

Fleet Information

The fleet consists of 40 vans and 10 cars and is growing rapidly. It is managed by Tom Ford, who is the Vehicles, Clearances and IT controller.

When asked what he thought about FleetCheck, Tom said “By far the number one best feature is the Customer Service side of FleetCheck, I have to say all the members of staff in the office are super friendly and always more than happy to help, nothing is too much trouble and calls/emails are always answered with a friendly tone. Whoever you speak to will help you out, if they can do it they will and if not they will go away and try their best to get an answer or resolution.

Overall, everything about FleetCheck is first class, from the price to the support. I can’t find a bad word to say about it. Even though I am a customer and may come across biased, I can honestly say even before coming on-board with FleetCheck I was still recommending the system just from the trial. Anyone unsure about the product I would advise to give a trial a go and see just how much easier your life can be made with FleetCheck. I one-hundred per cent would recommend them.”

“Having reports that give me the information that I need instead of having to look at lots of different sections of multiple spreadsheets has saved me a considerable amount of time and I’m now sure everything is covered. I also don’t have any missed servicing appointments or outstanding vehicle maintenance, this will, in no doubt save the business money over time.”