ERS Medical provides a range of specialist patient transport and courier services to the NHS and the wider healthcare sector. ERS Medical wanted a robust fleet management system which could integrate with their telematics provider and had the functionality to track maintenance dates concurrently with the management of costs and driver compliance.

They were given the go ahead to invest in the FleetCheck system and investigate the additional products offered by FleetCheck, including telematics, fuel integration and licence checking.

ERS Medical implemented FleetCheck fleet management software in the October of 2017 and then began integrating their telematics.

Before using FleetCheck

Project Manager, Rachael Collins said, “Before we came across FleetCheck, we struggled to find a system that could offer a user-friendly interface the whole company could use to update and view fleet-related events and information.”

How FleetCheck Helped


  • Vehicle mileages are now automatically updated, resulting in no more manual mileage checks; an instant advantage for Rachael and the others involved in the ERS Medical transport team.
  • Rachael has complete control and visibility over all fleet-related activity and spending. This has facilitated the exclusion of previous, outdated spreadsheet and paper-based processes.
  • ERS Medical now has the assurance that no key dates (such as MOT services) are being missed and that they can keep tracking much, they’re spending from fuel and maintenance to driver’s parking and penalty fines.
  • They have complete control over all daily, fleet-related activity, and due to FleetCheck helpful alerts system, they can pre-plan vehicle maintenance schedules to help minimise interruption and eliminate room for error.

Fleet Information

The business has a fleet of non-emergency ambulances, courier vehicles and a small selection of HGV’s (403 vehicles in total).

"All our sites manage their compliance by keeping the system up to date.  They also have full access to all fuel transactions and can monitor and run reports on spending across the fleet.”
Project Manager, Rachael Collins