The Cohens Group is one of Britain's leading pharmaceutical chains with multiple branches throughout the UK, located mainly in the community and increasingly within new community health centre developments. The Cohens group understands the importance of having a legal and compliant fleet, not only for the company's protection but also for its drivers' safety.
The company wanted to find a fleet management system to store all vital fleet-related documents in one central software system, and they implemented FleetCheck fleet management software in May 2010.

Before using FleetCheck


  • Regarding maintenance scheduling, all data was documented on paper and spreadsheets, meaning there was always the risk of damaged or misplaced documents.

How FleetCheck Helped


  • FleetCheck has provided the capabilities to link with and display their tracking data and, most importantly, maintain and improve their fleet's overall compliance.
  • Dennis wanted complete control and visibility of the fleet to support and maintain its compliance, and he has been able to achieve this by having all fleet data in one platform.
  • They now have clear visibility of accurate, auto-updated mileage readings, eliminating manual mileage checking, which was a significant time saver for Dennis and the rest of the fleet team at Cohens Group.
  • Transferring from spreadsheets and paper-based processes means tasks; for example, vehicle maintenance planning is now forward-planned, suitably managed and accurately recorded in a central system for future reference.
  • Cohens Group can confidently say that its fleet is well managed, its processes and costs are closely monitored, and most importantly, its fleet Is legal and compliant.

Fleet Information

Cohen's group operates a mixed fleet of around 280 vehicles, all of which are handled from multiple locations across the UK and are managed by fleet and transport manager Dennis Butterworth.

Dennis explains: "Having everything pulled together into one place was the most significant relief for us as it has given us complete visibility of all fleet activity, which goes hand in hand with remaining legal and compliant.

"The paper-based and spreadsheet system we were using before we came across FleetCheck was so variable we had to make sure we cross-referenced all our data, which proved to be quite time-consuming and, again, wasn't great in terms of improving our compliance.

Dennis said, "Having fragmented data made it challenging to keep on top of key dates, which decreased our compliance level. This meant getting all our data imported into a single system that could store and display all the data we needed to manage the fleet effectively.

"FleetCheck is a one-stop shop for fleet management; with a great level of control, the system is easily accessible and user-friendly. Finally, when needed, the support team at FleetCheck are really helpful"