Anixter is a leading global distributor of Network & Security Solutions, Electrical & Electronic Solutions and Utility Power Solutions. With vehicles spread across such a large number of depots around the country, Anixter has always been very conscious of having a well-run compliant fleet. The company implemented FleetCheck fleet management software in the December of 2017

Before using FleetCheck

  • The company was managing fleet tasks via paper-based systems in every depot, which made keeping on top of key dates stressful.
  • There was a lot of cross-referencing to keep the vehicles and drivers safe and legal, alongside the “hit and miss” communications from their leasing partners.
  • A system was sought that could give complete assurance that they were legally compliant, as well as support them in achieving FORS accreditation.
  • Anixter were looking for a system that could store all the required documents, along with easy-to-use functionality.

How FleetCheck Helped

  • Shortly after going live with FleetCheck, Anixter began integrating the data from their fuel card provider into the system.
  • This has given them the tools to carry out accurate CO2 reporting, MPG analysis and technology.
  • Driver behaviour and spot fuel-heavy driving habits are now better monitored.
  • They have managed to very quickly gain complete control of all vehicle and driver related action and all paper-based processes have been eliminated.
  • Tasks are now forward-planned, properly managed and recorded for future reference in a centralised system for all to access.
  • Anixter have been able to keep on top of their vehicle safety checks without having to do all the cross-referencing work in between.
  • Complete transparency of when key tasks such as MOT’s need to be completed.

Fleet Information

Anixter currently operates a mixed fleet of two HGV’s and 53 vans of different sizes.

The fleet is split over 15 depots, all of which are spread across the UK with each site having a depot manager monitoring the specific groups of vehicles alongside their primary role of warehouse management.

Project implementation manager, Craig Bradburne, says:

“For one of our depot manager’s, the operation of our vans is a side task to what we do. Their priority is to look after and manage the warehouses as efficiently as possible. One of the things I recognized was, as a business, we weren’t operating as a fleet.  People didn’t have the ready access to all the information that was in and around that. Maintenance was starting to become a higher risk of falling behind as we’d be waiting for the trigger from the lease companies and then sometimes, the information was all over the place.

“One of the things I really liked about FleetCheck was the ability to pull everything together into a central portal.  On a depot level, I could easily set the system up, so the depot managers can just view the relevant vehicles/ drivers to them.

“An enormous amount of administration time has been saved by using FleetCheck software.  We’ve started using the FleetCheck Mobile App too as previously we were using a paper system and relying on our drivers to get the completed checks back to us as soon as possible without being damaged or misplaced.”

“Changes I have suggested for the system are often put into practice for my convenience which just proves FleetCheck's willingness to make my job easier. I am often approached by companies who advertise themselves to be similar to FleetCheck, however from what I have seen so far, FleetCheck is by far the easiest to use and the support I have received from them when needed is just brilliant. I was sold from the first moment I saw it”