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FleetCheck is the leading online fleet management software provider in the UK today. If you, like so many of us, have found yourself working remotely or  relying on data across multiple spreadsheets, now is the ideal time to move to a web-based platform.

Get full visibility into your fleet in real time.

Do you struggle to see how your fleet is performing? Perhaps your boss is asking you for information you can’t easily provide? Don’t worry, we have heard this before. Literally thousands of times. And we are here to help!

Relying on old, outdated processes (yes we’re looking at Excel!) doesn’t give you the structure you need. You have the data, it’s just disconnected and labour intensive to bring together. FleetCheck is a fully integrated software hub showing you all you need in an intuitive format accessible anytime, anywhere.

Keeping you connected.

We know managing a fleet is tough. You have umpteen systems that never quite seem to work together. You have fuel cards, telematics, maintenance, licence checks, spreadsheets (to name just a few). Wouldn’t it be so much easier if they all just “talked” to one another? Well, good news, that’s where we come in.

Stop chasing your drivers.

With app technology, it has never been easier to communicate with your drivers. No matter how hard they try to avoid you…

We want all businesses to benefit from the latest and greatest technology in the fleet world. That’s why we include our award winning FleetCheck Driver app with every account. Seamlessly gather information back from those vital pre-use checks, effortlessly communicate information to your drivers, and should the worst happen instantly get notified of collision details.

With FleetCheck you gain a powerful ally in your fleet management:

  • Secure access from any internet-connected device, you can keep on top of your fleet compliance in the office, whilst travelling or at home. Drivers can even help keep you updated via the FleetCheck Driver app.
  • Gather information from all your colleagues with an unlimited number of users accessing the software at the same time, removing any duplication of data input.
  •  Stop manual cross referencing with integration to hundreds of third-party sources. Ensure your information is always kept up to date with links to DVLA coming as standard.
  •  Communicate easily through automated messaging helping to save you time and avoid the need for face to face meetings.
  •  Get the system to work for you by setting up triggers to simplify important events and automatically inform key stakeholders.

No security and compliance worries.

Security of your data is our highest priority.  At FleetCheck we regularly perform external audits to ensure our security is at the highest of standards. All your data is encrypted in transit to provide data integrity. We are ISO 27001 certified and have processes in place to ensure we comply with the GDPR.

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