Here's your free ebook, 10 common fleet management mistakes


After reading this guide you will be able to identify the ten most common mistakes and the consequences that can occur, topics include:

  • Data management
  • Duty of care
  • Vehicle inspections
  • Driver incidents

And more…

Want to know more about your legal responsibilities?

Follow our animated story as fleet manager Stella Parker deals with the fallout and investigation following a crash involving one of her drivers.

Our free online Fleet Confidence course has been created to help anyone who has the role of looking after company vehicles and drivers.
Over 30 short videos covering:

  • Understanding your duty of care
  • What employers often get wrong
  • Your 10 most important tasks
  • How to write your own ‘Driving for Work’ policy

You can also download a course workbook and a fully-editable ‘driving for Work’ policy template.