Using spreadsheets to manage your vehicles and drivers?

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Ensure your business is compliant

Managing company drivers and fleet vehicles can be a daunting task with legal obligations to accurately document things like driver licence checks, vehicle safety inspections, policy distribution and any training provided to your drivers.Relying on spreadsheets can be time consuming and mean important actions get missed.

FleetCheck replaces your spreadsheets, allowing you to store all your vehicle and driver information in one secure system and helping you to control fleet operating costs, reduce the amount of time needed to keep track of everything, and give you confidence that your fleet is legally compliant.

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We’ve created a free guide which explains some of the common ways fleet management can drain your time, the consequences for fleet safety and compliance, and tips on how to make your processes more efficient.

Managing Your Fleet
10 ‘Must Do’ Actions / 10 Common Mistakes

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Download a free fully-editable Driving for Work policy template

Our free online Fleet Confidence course has been created to help anyone who has the role of looking after company vehicles and drivers.
Over 30 short videos covering:

  • Understanding your duty of care
  • What employers often get wrong
  • Your 10 most important tasks
  • How to write your own ‘Driving for Work’ policy

You can also download a course workbook and a fully-editable ‘driving for Work’ policy template.

Client success stories

Reduced admin time

AD Bly now have confidence their drivers and vehicles are properly managed, legally compliant and they have saved significant admin time in the process.

Forward planning

Cohens Group transferred away from spreadsheets so maintenance planning is now forward-planned and accurately recorded to minimise admin time.

Better vehicle checks

Optilan found the FleetCheck Driver app has enabled them to ensure pre-use vehicle defect checks are being completed on all their vehicles.

Reduce fuel costs

Swift Scaffolding integrated their fuel card data giving accurate CO2 reporting and helping to monitor driver behaviour and spot fuel heavy driving habits.

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