The power of a combined solution

FleetCheck and Logistics UK are working together to streamline your fleet management processes.

Earned Recognition

We know you appreciate the value in becoming a DVSA earned recognition operator, but how best to get there?  Let us help.  FleetCheck and Logistics UK have partnered together to give you the tools you need.  The FleetCheck Earned Recognition dashboard is designed to give you a clear and concise overview of your vehicles adherence to the required KPI’s, and by combining this with Logistics UK’s Vision software for driver KPI’s, you can be sure of a complete and comprehensive solution.

Are you ready for Earned Recognition?

Download the DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme checklist

Save Time

Time is money. We have all heard this old adage and we know that if you can save time, you can save money.  But where do you start? This is where we can help.  Quite simply, the software saves you time. A combined solution such as this will keep everything in one place, automate all the processes possible, and simplify time-consuming tasks leaving you free to work proactively on your business.

Using FleetCheck combined with Vision will mean that you will be automatically alerted to critical vehicles event such as MOTs, licence checks and safety inspection reminders; as well as key driver information such as driver card expiry, tacho calibration dates and driver and vehicle uploads.

Reduce paperwork

Paperwork has always been a necessary evil, but the recent advances in technology means that relying on a paper-based system can now be a thing of the past.  There can be unnecessary consequences to relying on chasing paperwork – overlooking defects, compromising driver safety and incurring avoidable costs being just a few of these.

Having a joined-up software solution means the data you require is automated, eliminating the tedious task of having to manually transfer information from one system to another.  Not only does this remove the possibility of human error, it enables you to see immediately where your time needs to be spent and highlights where you can save money with more visibility. Ultimately this all adds up to the end goal we all desire – peace of mind. No more sleepless nights. Priceless!

Live demo

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