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Safeguard your company against fines, prosecution or financial exposure from un-licenced or unentitled drivers.

Employer’s Legal Obligations

Employers and employees should take reasonable precautions to mitigate risks whilst driving at work. Negligent employers may be criminally liable for corporate manslaughter where senior management are culpable in case of a serious road accident.

A fundamental element when mitigating the risk to an organisation should be the validation of the right to drive a vehicle. Steps must be taken to reduce the risk presented by the driver to themselves and other road users. Driving licence entitlement and risk needs to be checked on a regular basis.

Every employer who runs a fleet or allows their employees to drive their own vehicle on business is subject to certain legal obligations:

  •   Take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of their drivers and other road users
  •   Ensure vehicles are road worthy, taxed and insured
  •   Put rigorous checking processes in place to manage grey fleet
  •   Adhere to specific DVSA standards if a goods vehicle operator


How does it work?

Our integration partners access the Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) ‘Live’ database to check employees’ current endorsement status. Under the Data Protection Act an employee must consent to their licence details being checked.  These permissions are obtained by employees signing either a paper or electronic approval, and need to be updated every three years.

The licence data is fully integrated into your FleetCheck account and will automatically update any outstanding alerts and provide details on expiry or revocations.

All the leading licence checking companies intergrate with FleetCheck