Using spreadsheets to manage your vehicles and drivers?

Relying on spreadsheets can be time consuming and mean important actions get missed. FleetCheck replaces your spreadsheets, helping you to control fleet operating costs, reduce the amount of time needed to keep track of everything, and give you confidence that your fleet is legally compliant.

Whoever you are, FleetCheck can help

You look after company vehicles or driver safety along with all your other roles?

You’re a dedicated fleet manager focused on safety and compliance for cars and vans.

Your business operates HGVs and you need an easier way to meet your O-Licence requirements.

How efficient is your fleet safety management system?

Managing fleet activity and fleet safety can be massively time consuming. Having to focus on gathering paperwork and data means you often don’t have time to analyse the data and focus on your really important actions.

  • Key dates get missed.
  • The business gets disrupted through unnecessary vehicle downtime.
  • Maintenance and insurance costs spiral out of control.
  • Key safety and compliance tasks aren’t completed.
  • Tasks that should be quick end up taking forever.
  • Management reporting is patchy and unreliable.

Answer the following five questions to how effective your fleet management system is.

Do you find yourself wasting time with…

1. Multiple spreadsheets and hard to find information?
2. Chasing drivers for paperwork and concerns about missed safety inspections?
3. Fragmented data that is not giving you the information you need?
4. Managing rising fuel costs and lowering emissions?
5. Communicating policies to drivers and confirming they have read them?


Want some extra guidance?

We’ve created a free guide which explains some of the common ways fleet management can drain your time, the consequences for fleet safety and compliance, and tips on how to make your processes more efficient.

Managing Your Fleet
10 ‘Must Do’ Actions / 10 Common Mistakes

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Want to know more about your legal responsibilities?

Follow our animated story as fleet manager Stella Parker deals with the fallout and investigation following a crash involving one of her drivers.

Our free online Fleet Confidence course has been created to help anyone who has the role of looking after company vehicles and drivers.
Over 30 short videos covering:

  • Understanding your duty of care
  • What employers often get wrong
  • Your 10 most important tasks
  • How to write your own ‘Driving for Work’ policy

You can also download a course workbook and a fully-editable ‘driving for Work’ policy template.

Flexible software for fleets of any size and mix

By being intuitive with a highly flexible user interface, FleetCheck consistently fits the requirements of anyone responsible for the management of the fleet.

Find out how FleetCheck has been designed from the ground up to allow fleets of any size and vehicle mix to be managed efficiently.

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