To ensure you obtain the maximum value from our software we would like to know more about your fleet and processes.

    Please tell us about yourself

    How do you manage your fleet?

    Your vehicles

    How do you acquire your vehicles?
    How do you maintain your vehicles?
    Do you monitor and review vehicle costings and depreciation?
    Do you have a vehicle replacement policy?
    How do you dispose of your vehicles?

    Your drivers

    How do you record driver pre use checks?
    Do you have a Driving for work policy or driver’s handbook?
    Driving for Work Drivers Handbook
    What method of driver training do you use?

    How you use FleetCheck

    Our software integrates with a multitude of suppliers to automatically collect data from every corner of the fleet industry. You can easily and efficiently ‘join the dots’ between your fleet providers, giving you complete control of your fleet.
    Do you use fuel cards or bunkered fuel?
    If yes, who is your fuel provider?
    Do you currently have telematics installed in your vehicles?
    If yes, who is your telematics provider?
    How do you currently carry out driver licence checks?
    Are you aware of the following that are available through FleetCheck?
    Do you use any other data providers that you would like to integrate with your FleetCheck account?
    Do you have other fleet management challenges or concerns that you wish to address?