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How FORS FMS can help

FORS FMS delivers the tools you need to obtain and maintain your FORS accreditation.


The FORS Fleet Management System (FORS FMS) will assist you to demonstrate compliance with the different requirements of the FORS Standard. The straightforward references below will help you to visualise how FORS FMS supports the process of accreditation and also provides you with an insight into the incredible range of functionalities you’ll have at your fingertips.

The information below is intended to be used in conjunction with the FORS Standard and associated documents available at

M1 FORS Documentation

The Policy Manager module helps you to get started with your policies and procedures, providing legally drafted Driver Handbook and Driving Policy documents. The system enables you to upload signed documents, store, edit, communicate and regularly review your policies, whether you’re starting from scratch or simply improving the organisation of your existing documents. In addition, an interactive checklist will help you to log/forward-plan your actions, ensuring that nothing is overlooked.

M2 Records and information

The system provides you with a central platform with access from multiple sites, to store and organise every document and item of data required by the FORS Standard. Once uploaded, linking a document to the appropriate driver, vehicle or policy is straightforward, making access easy and enabling you to forward-plan document reviews/renewals. Maintenance records are easily stored for all vehicles, ensuring you have a robust audit trail of service, maintenance and repair, not only for your current vehicles but for those that have been disposed of.

Your company’s driving policies and risk assessments can be uploaded to the system for instant access, and you’ll be automatically prompted when a scheduled document review is approaching. You’ll also be able to record essential document audit details such as authorship, version numbers and creation/review dates.

M3 Responsible person

Details of the individual(s) with fleet or transport management responsibility can be kept within the staff section of FORS FMS. Training and qualifications are easily stored within driver records, which are easily exported for reporting purposes, and review reminder can be triggered for time-limited certifications.

M4 Staff and resources

Company structure can be documented in FORS FMS, with individual role types and responsibilities stored against employee records, providing ease of review and updating.

M5 Communication

FORS FMS can be used to sore and circulate any documents such as Health and Safety policies, company induction training, driver handbook acceptance and any additional training given to any or all staff. Courses, toolbox talks and educational material can be uploaded to the system, together with communications and/or review dates.

M6 Vehicle fleet

FORS FMS can be used to keep track of all the details for vehicles including the distribution of vehicles across the operating centres. Direct links to DVLA ensures that key information is accessible with minimal manual entry.

M7 Regulatory licensing

You can store a copy of your O-Licence, and record all associated details including identification of authorised vehicles, operating centre(s), margins available, notified changes to your licence and renewal dates. FORS FMS also provides unlimited means of recording and tracking other types of organisational licences and certificates.

M8 Health and safety

Risk assessments and policies associated with all aspects of vehicle and personal safety can be uploaded to FORS FMS, along with their planned review dates and evidence that instructions have been communicated to staff. You can also build records in the system of any training and education connected with safety, including toolbox talks, and allocate these to driver records so that you have an accurate, instantly accessible staff communication history.

M9 Complaints

FORS FMS provides a complete and robust means of complaint recording, resolution and follow-up. Upon receipt of a complaint, whether it originates from an internal employee, a member of the public, the Traffic Commissioner, HSE or the courts, you can record all of the details, linking the record to the appropriate staff member. Actions can be easily tracked and progressed via the system, and reports can be generated to help you highlight trends associated with individual drivers, locations or common failings.

M10 Transport infringements

FORS FMS includes a dedicated Incidents section where you can record complaints and/or reports of driver infractions, together with full details of the incident, witnesses/contributors, dates and any necessary follow-up. FORS FMS also gives you complete control of penalties and fines associated with occupational driving. Easily assign PCNs to the correct drivers and track them right through to completion, ensuring that nothing is overlooked and costs are kept to a minimum. Smart reporting enables you to identify repeat offenders and emerging trends, and the ability to upload your company’s policy surrounding transport-related fines ensures you and your staff are fully aware of driver responsibility/accountability relating to these offences.

M11 Transport updates

Users can opt to receive emailed communications about regulatory information and industry best practice, ensuring that they are always up to date with the latest legislation and guidance. This channel of communication helps build an audit trail of updates given to relevant transport staff and drivers as required.

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