Fleet Management Software for Construction Businesses

If you're a fleet manager for a construction business we know how challenging it can be tracking, maintaining, and running a fleet of construction vehicles.

Construction vehicles and equipment presents some unique challenges not faced by managers with a fleet of company cars or small vans.

Which is why we developed our fleet management software for construction businesses with exactly all these unique challenges and aspects in mind.

Complete transparency

With FleetCheck's reporting dashboard you have complete transparency and control over your entire fleet with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. You'll have access to key reporting data including (but not limited to):

  • Fuel and maintenance costs
  • Daily vehicle checks
  • Defects and maintenance information
  • Asset management
  • Vehicle and driver key dates
  • Driver information

Better compliance

FleetCheck provides a DVSA and FORS compliant management modules including PMI schedules, a driver pre-use check app, 12-month maintenance planner and many other compliance tools.

We are DVSA certified for Earned Recognition. Our platform uniquely consolidates information received from multiple vehicle manufacturers, service providers and data suppliers. Maintenance KPI’s can be automatically sent to DVSA with prior notifications also being sent to the operator.

FleetCheck is the only platform to be selected by FORS to provide a completely robust platform where operators can store evidence for each of the FORS accreditation elements. FORS audits can be completed with ease and all requirements are managed directly from the software.

Paperless daily vehicle checks with FleetCheck Driver

We know how important thorough daily driver safety checks are, but it doesn’t have to be a time consuming manual paper trail.

With the FleetCheck Driver app, your drivers can submit safety checks quickly and efficiently. Notifying you immediately of any safety or maintenance issues that need attention.

All your construction vehicle, asset and driver data in one place

FleetCheck's software and app make it easy to manage your vehicles, assets, jobsite equipment and driver data in one place.

Monitor employee time, ensure your vehicles are safety checked, monitor fuel usage, pull maintenance reports, MOTs, and road tax information, and much, much more.

Live demo

Join us for an tailored live demo of FleetCheck.

Unlimited users. Ready to run.

Setting up our software is easy.  Simply send us your spreadsheets or complete a data capture form and we'll do the rest.  Need your team to have access but don't want them to see everything?  No problem.  We'll set you up with unlimited users and tailored views.

Fleet management software pricing
starting at only £3.50 per vehicle per month

Advanced financial controls at your fingertips

Our customers offset the cost of FleetCheck’s fleet management software by using the built-in financial controls to identify areas where they can save costs. Our intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard and reporting interface means you can analyse fuel usage, maintenance costs, employee time and more.

Features include

  •  An intuitive graphical display that is easy to navigate
  •  Real-time information presented in an easy to read, logical structure
  •  A KPI dashboard allowing you to set your own KPIs
  •  A ‘traffic light’ alert system notifying you of key dates and reminders


  •  Ability to drill down and export your own bespoke reports
  •  Ability to share and demonstrate key fleet information to other people in your business
  •  Data integrity for accuracy and peace of mind

Still using spreadsheets to manage your fleet?

Still using spreadsheets to manage your fleet? Here are some of the benefits of using FleetCheck’s software over spreadsheets:
  •  Security – Unlimited users can access the software safely with data encryption.
  •  Accuracy – Our software leaves little room for user error and checks all data.
  •  Alerts/Reminders – The ‘traffic light’ alert system will notify you of important dates and key information.
  •  Reporting – There’s no comparison when putting time-consuming Excel reports head-to-head with the dynamic reporting features of our fleet management software.
  •  Time-Saving – Our software does all the heavy lifting, meaning you and your team have more hours to spend elsewhere in your business. 

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What our customers say

Check out what customers from a wide range of industries say about us and the reasons they trust our software.

"Having all of my fleet data at my fingertips is a great weight off my mind. FleetCheck is the complete one-stop-shop for our fleet. Every SME should have this fleet management system in place, especially if the directors value a good night’s sleep!”

Neil Golding

Finance Director, RJ Leighfield & Sons Ltd
“FleetCheck has revolutionised our fleet by bringing in 21st-century software that allows us to keep up to date with the current compliance requirements. I have confidently recommended it to others.”

Adam Gamlin

Transport manager, AD Bly Construction

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