Helping you meet the CHAS VCS standard

FleetCheck and CHAS can help you manage your work-related road risk efficiently.

Driving for work, whether carried out by you, your staff, or subcontractors is a vital part of your job and covered by Health and Safety at Work legislation.

How your vehicles look, how they are driven, and how they are maintained says an awful lot about about how you run your business.

CHAS members should view driving for work as just another part of the job that requires skill and professionalism.

FleetCheck is here to help.

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Award-winning software you can trust
to help you manage your drivers and vehicles

FleetCheck fleet management software is designed to help you:

  •  Conduct regular vehicle safety checks and manage reported defects
  •  Reduce your reliance on spreadsheets and paperwork
  •  Improve your compliance with duty of care requirements
  •  Centralise your fleet data in one secure system
  •  Avoid missing key dates for both drivers and vehicles
  •  Control routine servicing, maintenance and repairs and other fleet management costs
  •  Improve the management of fuel consumption and emissions
  •  Improve reporting and management information

Welcome to the world of paperless fleet management
Save time. Save money. Enjoy peace of mind.

FleetCheck DriverLite

Our entry-level product including:

  • Driver app for vehicle checks
  • Car/van safety check sheet
  • Mileage recording
  • Manager dashboard
  • Driver safety updates
  • No limit on drivers or vehicles
  • Free set up


for as long as you need.
Unlimited drivers and vehicles.

*Terms and conditions apply.

FleetCheck Driver

As Driver Lite but also includes:

  • Design custom check sheets
  • Upload photos of vehicle damage
  • Record time taken for safety checks
  • Fit to drive declarations
  • Audit trail of inspections
  • Driver support information
  • Management reporting


per vehicle per month.
Minimum fee £20/month.

CHAS member benefits

Additional 1 MONTH FREE

FleetCheck Essential

As Driver but also includes:

  • Live MOT, tax and service info
  • Third-party data integration
  • Traffic light alerts
  • 100 pre-built reports
  • Document storage for 48 months
  • Enhanced driver app functionality
  • Executive dashboard


per vehicle per month.
Minimum fee £40/month.

CHAS member benefits

Additional 1 MONTH FREE

for each driver

Driving for work information guides

In partnership with CHAS, we’ve produced four short guides to explain what you need to do, and how it could benefit your business.

GUIDE 1: Your responsibility for driver and vehicle safety

Managing staff that drive for work, and the vehicles they’re in, is a vital part of workplace health and safety. Here’s what you need to know.

Learn more

GUIDE 2: Why safer vans makes financial sense

Failing to manage your drivers and vehicles properly can lead to huge increases in unnecessary operating costs and business disruption. It can also put future work at risk.

Learn more

GUIDE 3: Creating your ‘driving for work’ policy

Setting the rules and communicating them effectively to your drivers is a legal requirement. Here’s how to create your Driving for Work policy.

Learn more

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