Fleet management in Logistics

What Is Fleet Management in Logistics?

Fleet management plays an important role in logistics, as does fleet management software. Fleet management software helps to automate logistical management processes, save costs, identify ways to operate more efficiently, improve compliance, and much more. What Is the Purpose of Fleet Management? The purpose of fleet management is to oversee the performance of a fleet of vehicles and all the other fleet-related tasks. The better managed a fleet is, the greater efficiency and productivity an […]

Fleet Management Software Pricing

Fleet Management Software Pricing

Managing a fleet of vehicles is no easy task. Modern fleet management involves keeping on top of ever-changing compliance, vehicle maintenance, managing drivers, continually optimising performance, asset management, and much more. Whether you have two vehicles or 2,000, the only way to effectively manage your fleet and identify data-backed insights into how you can improve performance is by using Fleet Management Software. Obviously, fleet management software comes at a cost. But day-to-day tasks, compliance, and […]

What is fleet asset management software

What Is Fleet Asset Management Software?

Fleet asset management software plays an integral role in enabling fleet managers to better manage their vehicles and other assets. In this article, we’re taking a closer look at why fleet asset management is so important, and some of the key benefits this software offers fleet managers: What is Fleet Asset Management? Fleet management is a form of asset management. In strict accounting teams, vehicles that are purchased for long-term use are assets. As are […]

benefits of fleet management

Benefits of Fleet Management

The benefits of fleet management far outweigh the cost and resources required to create and implement robust and effective fleet management processes. In this article, we’re going to explore the benefits of fleet management, and how the right software will help you improve your fleet processes in more detail: What Is Fleet Management? Any company that uses commercial vehicles to carry out its operations and has more than one vehicle has a fleet. With a […]