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Fleet Management Software solution

True fleet management is much more than fleet software.

At FleetCheck we understand the full range of complexities faced by today's fleet operators and we are committed to helping companies manage these challenges. 

Our widely acclaimed fleet software sits at the heart of our portfolio and provides a robust platform for a wide range of products spanning fleet, vehicle, driver and risk management. 

Organisations both large and small depend on FleetCheck to deliver a tailored package of solutions that enables them to confidently run safe, compliant and cost effective fleets. Understanding exactly how you manage your fleet we can ensure that FleetCheck blends seamlessly with your business’s existing systems and processes.

Whether you run a fleet of 5 or 5000, FleetCheck will provide you with the very best in fleet management software and a flexible range of supporting services to match your specific fleet requirements.

Our widely acclaimed Online Fleet Management System is a complete unique software solution that is straightforward and user-friendly, with numerous integration options.

Benefits Include:

Online fleet software designed for complete management of vehicles, drivers, plant, machinery, documentation and policy.

A choice of software packages to suit your specific fleet size and combination of vehicle types (cars, LCVs and HGVs).

Intuitive software is easy to navigate; users are up and running with the minimum of training.

Numerous integration options to include telematics, fuelcard, leasing and accident data for total fleet transparency.

Market leading telematics solutions to fit your specific tracking and driver management requirements.

Intelligent fuel management tools for optimum cost control.

FleetCheck Lite

Even the smallest of fleets creates pressure to maintain safe, economical cars and vans as well as productive, efficient drivers -
pressure that translates into considerable time, effort and responsibility. Designed for fleets of up to ten vehicles, FleetCheck Lite equips you with the full range of tools you need to achieve the small but perfectly formed fleet.

FleetCheck Pro

If your organisation runs a large number of vehicles, it's highly likely that a considerable amount of time, personnel and planning are invested in making sure the fleet is safe, compliant, productive and cost effective. FleetCheck Pro provides the perfect balance of smart, straightforward fleet management software, a consultative approach and enhanced functionality designed to streamline your procedures and give you peace of mind that all of your fleet obligations are under control.

FleetCheck Pro +

It's all about control. Managing a significant fleet requires multiple controls to ensure every single vehicle is not only safe and compliant, but productive and cost-efficient. And achieving these ideals on a large scale is impossible without a controlled approach that automates key tasks, combines multiple data sources and delivers the right level of management information. FleetCheck Pro provides you with a robust platform from which you can confidently control your entire fleet, from fleet strategy and policy implementation right down to the most basic of daily fleet administration, and every step in between.

FleetCheck Pro + HGV

FleetCheck's Pro+HGV delivers the full range of management functionlity you would expect from a professional fleet software solution, together with an added portfolio of tools to support the HGV fleet operator. With Pro+HGV you can be confident that all of your vehicles are fully managed according to their type, and that the specific obligations for HGVs relating to VOSA and your Operator's Licence are controlled within a robust and compliant structure, for added peace of mind.

Online help centre and email support
Integrated vehicle safety checksheets
Intuitive market online leading software
Vehicle and Driver Management Module
Regular automated software updates
Fleet data imported from your spreadsheets  
Full online training for key staff  
Fuel management reporting  
Integration with a range of Telematic systems  
Driver Policy Management  
Grey Fleet Module  
Accident Management Module  
SMS Message Centre  
Ongoing telephone support  
Full Data Integration  
Fleet Maintenance Support    
Documentation Storage    
Plant and Equipment Module    
Advanced Reporting Suite    
Driver Risk Management    
HGV Module      
HGV Maintenance Planner      
Advanced HGV Reporting Suite      
Automated online data collection and setup      
Number of admin users
Up to
Up to
Licence Checking
We help you fulfil your legal obligations to ensure that your staff driving licences are valid and that they cover the vehicle they are driving.
Fuel Management
Take control and monitor fuel consumption to maximise the efficiency of your fleet.
Vehicle Telematics
Monitor driving behaviour, fuel consumption and the GPS location, all in real time.
Driver Management
Through our range of unique and targeted risk solutions we deliver results that ensure Better Driving for your Business.
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