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Proactive Driver Management

Professional, proactive driver management tools including e-learning, risk assessments and on-road training.

Driving is probably the most dangerous thing that you ask your staff to do. Road traffic law and health and safety regulations cover driving at work, and the legislation is very clear: as an employer you have a duty of care to safeguard your drivers, and the public who may be affected by their activities.

At FleetCheck we know the challenges of achieving compliance and we offer a range of services to help you assess, educate and manage your drivers, and ultimately gain the peace of mind that only comes from total compliance.

Benefits Include:

Online driver risk assessments: a highly effective, proven risk reduction system for fleets.

Assessment covers driver/journey/vehicle risk, vehicle maintenance, driving comfortably and driver behaviour.

E-learning programmes bespoke to driver needs for ongoing behaviour management.

Topics include safe driving techniques, eco driving, ABS/ESP/traction control, motorway driving and adverse weather conditions.

Enabling you to take a proactive stance in driver management rather than reacting to incidents when it's too late.

High risk drivers are easily highlighted, for prompt resolution of underlying problems.

Safe driving goes hand in hand with longer vehicle life, better fuel economy and lower maintenance costs.

Licence Checking
We help you fulfil your legal obligations to ensure that your staff driving licences are valid and that they cover the vehicle they are driving.
Fuel Management
Take control and monitor fuel consumption to maximise the efficiency of your fleet.
Vehicle Telematics
Monitor driving behaviour, fuel consumption and the GPS location, all in real time.
The FleetCheck Solution
Uniquely designed to adapt perfectly to every size and type of fleet.
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