The company questioned customers who have recently started using its products and the leading reason, mentioned by 30%, were difficulties using spreadsheets alone to look after key aspects of their company car and van activities.

Peter Golding, managing director, said: “Many, many businesses use spreadsheets to manage their fleet but they find that, if they have anything more than a handful of vehicles, the limitations become very obvious, very quickly.

“In our experience, the more that fleets ask spreadsheets to do, the more their frustration increases and a kind of spreadsheet fatigue sets in. The advantages of switching to specialist fleet management software become very apparent.”

Other top reasons mentioned in the research included the desire to digitise vehicle checks and defect reporting (29%) and concerns about missing key dates (16%).

Peter added: “Compliance is becoming an ever more important driver for users of fleet management software and again, something that is really very difficult to achieve with a paper or spreadsheet-driven approach.”

FleetCheck is currently enjoying record levels of business, having signed up 39 new customers in May alone, bringing the total for 2023 to 154.

“We’ve been investing heavily in our product range over the last year or so, with the latest version of our core fleet management software powered by a new technology stack launched at Commercial Vehicle Show in April There is a definite sense of momentum around the company and it’s an exciting moment.”