The UK’s largest plumbing, heating and cooling trade specialist merchant, Wolseley UK, has this month become the 1,000th customer for FleetCheck’s fleet management software.

The deal has been signed as part of a major upgrade in fleet operations for the company, part of the FTSE100-listed Ferguson plc, which operates over 700 commercial vehicles and is headquartered in Warwick.

A key part of Wolseley’s decision to choose FleetCheck for its core fleet management tool centred on the software’s ability to help maintain their FORS accreditation by utilising the unique integrations available as part of the FleetCheck platform. In addition, the software will help them maintain compliance with the DVSA Earned Recognition initiative by providing the DVSA with the information they require on an automated basis.

Kevin Vials, Commercial Fleet Supervisor at Wolseley UK, said: “FleetCheck is unique in the features it offers and allows us to stay ahead of the game by enabling our team to manage the compliance of our commercial vehicles more efficiently with a robust audit trail to underpin our legal requirements.

“We’re aiming to become more proactive when it comes to our compliance and adopting their software allows us to do just that. This new approach will also be a real time-saver for our branch colleagues, as compliance will involve less legwork, allowing them to get on with serving our customers.”

Other new initiatives introduced by Wolseley as part of its revised fleet programme includes new tachograph analysis software from Tachomaster and the fitting of cameras on all four sides of each vehicle to remove blind spots.

Peter Golding, managing director, said: “We are very pleased to pass the 1,000th customer milestone, especially as part of the ambitious and highly professional fleet programme that is being undertaken by Wolseley.

“This deal also brings the number of vehicles being managed by FleetCheck to more than 100,000, which is a testament to the products and the expertise we have built up over the dozen years since FleetCheck was established.”