The two millionth inspection using a FleetCheck app designed to increase fleet safety for cars, vans, HGVs, buses and coaches has taken place this week.

The Vehicle Inspection App was introduced in April 2017 and creates the means for drivers and fleet managers to schedule, carry out, confirm, follow-up and audit all kinds of legally-required inspections from daily walkarounds to weekly or monthly checks.

It has been continually enhanced, notably to incorporate a range of advanced features such as support for languages commonly used among UK fleet drivers, a fit-to-drive declaration, enhanced damage, defect and collision reporting and shift recording.

Uniquely, it also features an interface that allows users to access tyre pressure data for a wide range of cars and vans to ensure that drivers undertaking checks can easily check the correct level for their vehicle.

Peter Golding, managing director at FleetCheck, said: “Immediately from launch, the app found an important niche for organisations that needed a fast, accurate, DVSA-compliant digital safety check tool.

“It delivers a completely paper-free checking process, instant visibility of missed checks, uploading of relevant photos from drivers, bespoke checking for specialist equipment and automated mileage collection to enable accurate forward maintenance planning.

“It is, we believe, probably the most robust, simple-to-use and effective electronic method of replacing an old-school manual vehicle safety process available today.”

The Vehicle Inspection App also integrates with FleetCheck’s fleet management software, which is already in use by more than 1,000 customers operating in excess of 100,000 vehicles, providing a complete vehicle safety solution.

Peter added: “There are now about 78,000 checks every week being undertaken using the app and it’s notable that, while it took more than two years to reach the one million milestones, it has only taken a further six months to hit two million. It is no exaggeration to say that it is now one of the most widespread and important safety tools being used across the whole fleet sector – and we’re proud of that achievement.”

A new version of the app, called FleetCheck Driver, was launched last month and provides a simplified solution for fleets that currently have no risk management measures in place.

Peter said: “One of the most common queries we receive at FleetCheck is from companies, especially SMEs, who know they need to be carrying out car and commercial vehicle checks to meet their legal obligations but don’t have any tools in place. Sometimes, they are using paper systems but these are haphazard to say the least and would provide limited or no protection in the event of a health and safety investigation.

“FleetCheck Driver is very much aimed at these companies. We see it very much as step one in compliance for businesses that currently have little or nothing in place. For those businesses, it delivers a genuine advance in their risk management procedures and will hopefully start them on the path towards adopting a highly professional safety culture.”