Scattered fleet departments where teams are operating individually from home have been powering increased growth in demand for fleet management software in recent months, reports FleetCheck.

The key development, explained Peter Golding, managing director, has been the need to have data accessible online by different people working from remote locations, something that isn’t possible if you are using paper-based systems or even spreadsheets.

He said: “If you have a small fleet department based in the same location or even the same room, it’s potentially possible to employ paper or spreadsheets for basic data handling, even if those methods have fundamental limitations in terms of their effectiveness.

“However, when that department has been scattered across a number of places, probably working from home, it becomes next to impossible and some kind of online solution is the only answer, hence the increased interest in fleet management software.

“Of course, while those fleets might be adopting a specialist software product for that core reason, they are also accessing a whole range of tools that will doubtless have a positive impact on the efficiency and safety of their fleet.”

Peter said that FleetCheck had been, on average, signing up a new customer every day in recent months, showing how the pandemic had affected demand for fleet software.

“Demand has stayed quite strong all through the pandemic but there has been a definite increase since the summer and there are a couple of additional growth factors we have also seen which again are probably related directly to the home working situation.

“The first is demand for our driver walkaround app, which is linked to the need to ensure safety checks are needed for vehicles driven by those who are no longer office based, and meeting the requirement in those instances for an online, auditable solution.

“Similarly, we are seeing demand from commercial vehicle fleets with O licences for software that is capable of handling Preventative Maintenance Inspections. Again, this is at least in part related to risk management for those who are home working.”